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Skill Enhancement

Enhance emotional intelligence and assertiveness for confidence and success in personal and professional interactions.

Behavioural Growth

Undergo a profound transformation, enriching relationships and fostering a sense of achievement and satisfaction.

Professional Advancement

Develop versatile skills with coaching, enhancing your career prospects and personal and professional fulfilment.

Refine your communication skills by learning to harness your emotional intelligence with one of the UK's most acclaimed management training courses.

Course Summary

More Than Just A Course Of Lectures

What gets in the way of developing and holding on to new communication skills are old habits of thinking and speaking. Even if the advice is very good the reason why it rarely sticks are the mental habits people inevitably revert to, especially under pressure.

Unlearning those old habits and internalising a more effective and lasting approach to communication needs more than a short course of lectures on how to do it.

What Makes This Training Stand Out?

What makes this training stand out is the exceptional support through one-to-one coaching sessions and continuous feedback. Changing behaviour is not an easy task as old habits are hard to break.

With a 40-year track record we can help you cultivate practical skills, and build your confidence to so you can successfully navigate real-world challenges, ensuring lasting behavioural improvements.


Join thousands of participants getting results

"What I love about this course is that I didn't just learn about the topic, this course is about ME.  I'm confident I can reliably use my new skills, even when under pressure".

5 stars

A Project Manager At A Tech Company

"A lesson for life! The power of effective communication is incredible when one masters the skills "listening with empathy" and "speaking assertively"

5 stars

A Project Quality Engineer

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Course Summary

Training Objectives

Struggling to hit your stride in life or at work? Personal development is that secret sauce you've been looking for, promising a tastier future. On this training course we'll unwrap the golden rules of personal growth and show you how they can turbo-boost your day-to-day achievements

  • Personal development training helps you improve skills, gain confidence, and set clear goals for a better personal and professional life.
  • The training covers five main areasemotional intelligence, communication, time management, goal setting, and career development.
  • Our online course offer flexibility to learn at your own pace with experts providing one-to-one coaching.
  • Courses in well - being science, learning techniques, and negotiation strategies are popular among learners wanting to enhance their lives.
  • Developing assertiveness, empathy, leadership abilities as well as achieving work - life balance are key topics within these trainings.

Develop Your Emotional Intelligence

You will learn a set of powerful emotional intelligence communication techniques so that you can manage difficult conversations, handle challenging situations, build relationships and set firm boundaries.

Transferable Skills

The goal of this training is to equip you with the tools they need to build strong, lasting relationships in your professional life, although because these skills are so transferable many clients report vast improvements in their personal relationships as well.

Develop Skills

This is a skills development rather than just a theoretical programme, so the emphasis throughout will be on you taking turn after turn, practising your skills, while receiving feedback and coaching about your effect on others.

Repeated Practice and Feedback

In your coaching sessions you will be helped to practise dealing with the kinds of situation you find challenging, again and again, until you are confident you can do it successfully.

Video Analysis

We'll combine practical, hands-on experience with video replay and analysis and discussion of the principles involved to help you gain both skills and understanding. Special attention is paid to your individual training needs, so you can practise your skills in real-life situations that you have to handle at work.

Sustained Change

That's why as well as your place in a small group, this training includes a generous amount of private and confidential one-to-one coaching sessions online, spread over several months, ensuring an exceptional level of support. This will ensure the changes you make are sustained over a longer period of time and any obstacles are overcome. Choose between online training available worldwide, or in-person face-to-face courses in the UK.

Course Dates and Price

For a list of upcoming course dates (for online coaching and face-to-face training), the locations of the next 3-day public courses in the UK and pricing Click here.

Free Initial Session

This initial coaching session serves as an introduction to the "Skills with People" course, allowing you to understand the course's relevance and effectiveness for your specific needs before committing to it.

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People who feel understood are more receptive

What Is Personal Development

At its core, personal development is a lifelong journey of self-improvement—encompassing the growth of your skills, knowledge, and personality traits. It's about unlocking potentials that propel you toward achieving both personal and professional milestones; think of it as upgrading your internal software to perform better in all areas of life.

What is Personal Development?

Personal development is all about getting better at life. It's like having a map that shows you where to go to improve yourself and your skills. Think of it as working out, but for everything else in your life instead of just your muscles! You get more aware of what you're good at and what goals you want to hit.

And don't forget, this isn’t just a one-time thing; it keeps going as you grow and change.

Imagine personal development as the tools and training you need for the journey called ‘your best self.’ Getting better at things can mean a lot: being able to do your job well, feeling happier, or even making more money.

Making a plan helps sort out which steps to take next so that day by day, bit by bit, you keep moving forward and upping your game.

Benefits of Personal Development

Personal development training helps us do better in life and work. It's a key to unlocking our true potential. Here are some of the great things that can happen when we focus on personal development:

  • We get to know ourselves better, which is called self - awareness. This means understanding our feelings, what we are good at, and where we might need some help.
  • Our talents shine brighter, and we have the chance to learn new skills. We can become good at things we never tried before!
  • Confidence grows as we learn and succeed. When we feel sure about what we can do, others see it too.
  • Goals become clearer, making it easier to work towards them. Knowing what we want is the first step in getting there.
  • Communication gets stronger. We find ways to share ideas and talk with others that help everyone understand.
  • Handling stress becomes easier because we have tools and techniques that keep us calm and focused.
  • Work feels more rewarding because personal development can lead to doing our job better, which often makes us happier.
  • Relationships improve at home and work since personal development teaches us about respect and listening to others.
  • Health might get better too since stress goes down and happiness goes up when we work on ourselves.
  • Balancing work and play doesn't seem so hard anymore because time management becomes part of our skills set.

How Can Studying Personal Development Help at Work?

Learning about personal development can change the game at work. It helps you know your strengths and where you need to grow. You become better at talking to people, solving problems, and leading teams.

This way, you feel more sure of yourself and ready to do a great job. Plus, it's good for bouncing back after hard times hit.

As you learn new things in personal development courses, your skills get sharper. You talk better with colleagues and customers. Managing time is easier too. And when goals are clear, reaching them feels amazing! All these things make work go smoother for you and everyone around.

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He's now far more aware of his impact on others

The Five Areas of Personal Development

Diving into personal development is like embarking on an epic quest to conquer your inner world – and the five key areas? They're the critical battlegrounds where victory leads to a richer life, both in and out of the office.

From harnessing your emotions to crafting career milestones, these zones are where true growth warriors sharpen their swords for success.

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence is all about knowing your feelings and how they affect others. People with good emotional intelligence can handle their own emotions well. They stay calm when things get tricky and understand what other people might be feeling, too.

This skill helps everyone get along better at school, work, or home.

Having strong emotional intelligence makes life smoother in many ways. It's like having superpowers for getting on with others and making smart choices! You'll find it easier to set goals for yourself and reach them.

Plus, you're more likely to make friends who really get you and support your dreams.


Talking well with others is just as important as understanding our own emotions. Communication lets us share what we feel and thinkmake good choices, and get along with people. When we chat, listen, and understand each other well, life gets better.

It helps us at work too; from talking to a team to dealing with customers.

Learning to communicate can grow our confidence and help us succeed. In personal development training, you learn how to talk clearly and listen carefully. You also practice solving problems together and helping each other get better through feedback.

These skills are key for making friends and moving ahead in your job.

Time Management

Time management is like a secret superpower for our day. It helps us do more in less time, and it can make us feel proud of what we get done. With good time management, we focus better and keep away things that could take away from our work or play.

This skill is big in personal development because it lets us reach our goals faster.

Learning how to manage time well is part of many courses on getting better at life and work skills. It's not just about watching the clock - it's about planning, knowing ourselves, and making smart choices with our hours and minutes.

When we control our time, we can do great things like start new hobbies or finish big projects without feeling too stressed or tired.

Goal Setting

Goal setting lights the way for personal growth. It's like setting up signposts to guide you on your journey. The SMART approach—Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound—helps make sure your goals are clear and reachable.

Each goal should push you a little but also be something you can attain.

Imagine your future then work to create it step by step with these goals. They're not just dreams; they’re plans that move you forward in life, at work, and in learning new things.

Think of each goal as a stepping stone towards bigger achievements in both your personal and professional life.

Next up: Emotional Intelligence brings another angle to personal development..

Career Development

Career development ties in with personal growth. It's part of those five big areas you need to work on to get better at your job and move up. By learning new skills and becoming more aware of yourself, you set the stage for moving forward in your career.

You might want to know how things like goal setting or time management can help you climb that ladder. Think about it – if you're good at planning and meeting targets, you're showing the boss you've got what it takes.

And once that happens, doors open, opportunities come knocking, and before you know it, you're not just working – you’re building a career.

Now let’s look into popular courses that can boost these skills.

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Are you helping them think for themselves?

Why Our Personal Development Course Is Popular

Diving into personal development feels like unlocking a new level of self-empowerment, right? And guess what – there are some standout courses that have caught the eyes (and hearts) of learners just like you.

The Science of Well-Being

Our  course incorporates the science of well-being within a toolbox for happiness when it comes to communicating with others. It's packed with challenges that help you feel more joy in life. You'll learn about the science behind happiness and why we often think the wrong things will make us happy.

The course shows you what really works to lift your spirits. It uses practical real-life activities to teach you how to boost positive emotions, engagement, meaningful relationships, and achievements in your life.

This online and in person personal development training is built upon research on well-being - from sparking creativity to managing stress. By exploring evidence-based growth strategies, it gives you insights into improving mental health and achieving a healthy work-life balance.

The emotional intelligence theory gets unpacked here too - highlighting how, compassion, kindness, empathy can fuel strong connections with others.

Successful Negotiation

Learning to negotiate well can make a big difference. It's not just about getting what you want but also making sure everyone feels good about the deal. That means understanding others, thinking clearly, and talking in ways that solve problems without causing new ones.

Good negotiators often do better at work. They reach their goals and help others too. You might win a new job, get a better price or work out tough problems with less stress. Our course on negotiation is like learning the rules of an important game – one you play at work and home every day!

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Emotional intelligence, assertive and listening skills training

Our Highest Rated Personal Development Course Topics

The most frequently requested applications for the personal development with course we offer are those that  help people foster assertiveness, empathy, and emotional intelligence – skills that can redefine your professional persona and catapult you towards career zeniths. We’ll show you how these skills can provide you with  transformative power.

Assertiveness Training

Assertiveness training can change your life. It teaches you to say what you feel and ask for what you need in a strong but kind way. This kind of training is super helpful for people who struggle with saying no or those who get really anxious in social situations.

It's also great if you often keep your anger inside, which isn't healthy.

By learning to be more assertive, people find they can handle stress and anger much better. High school students have found it makes them less stressed and sad too. Imagine being able to tell others clearly about your needs without feeling guilty or rude - that's the power of assertiveness training! You learn how to share your feelings honestly while still caring about the other person's feelings.

Empathy Training

Moving from the confidence boost of assertiveness training, empathy training steps in. It helps us understand and share the feelings of others. This can make a big difference at work, especially for managers.

In London, UK, as well as worldwide they've seen how teaching managers to be more empathetic makes them better leaders.

Lots of professionals who doesn’t necessarily have line management responsibility, but need to persuade others to cooperate with them also get a lot out of this kind of learning. When they feel what their colleagues  go through, everyone does better. Plus, it's not just about being nice; empathy can lead to real professional growth too!

Emotional Intelligence Training

Emotional intelligence is key for getting along with others and feeling good about yourself. It's all about knowing your feelings and handling them well, plus understanding other people's moods and reactions.

This can really help you at work and in everyday life. For example, the Foundational Skills On Emotional Intelligence course takes 24 weeks online to boost how you deal with emotions.

You learn to read the room better, connect with team members, and grow as a person.

With a sharper emotional skill set, folks often find they're better at sorting out issues before they blow up — important in both personal relationships and on the job front. Taking these courses moves you toward being more self-aware and confident when dealing with different situations.

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Learn how to be both firm and fair

Relevant Topics in Personal Development

Nailing down personal development is like unlocking a treasure trove of skills - think relationship building and leadership finesse.. Now, imagine amplifying your voice with top-notch communication chops.

Relationship Building

Making friends at work can make you happier. When you get along with the people you work with, your job feels easier and more fun. You need to be kind, open and honest to build trust and respect in your friendships at work.

Everyone wants to feel included and heard. So, when we share ideas freely and listen well, we all do better.

Knowing how to connect with others is a big part of getting ahead in life. It's like making a team where everyone plays their part well because they understand each other. Good work pals can also help when times are tough - they're there for support, advice or just to share a laugh.

Building these bonds is not just nice; it's smart too!

Leadership Skills

Building leadership skills is like setting up a strong foundation for a house - it's key to keeping everything steady and strong. Leaders guide teams towards goals, making sure everyone knows what they need to do.

They have the power to fire up people, boost their drive, and get them all pulling in the same direction. It’s not just about being in charge; it’s about knowing how to connect with folks on your team.

Great leaders also look out for how their team feels and helps them through tough spots. They're good at chatting things through and sorting out clashes before they grow big and messy.

By getting better at leading, you can really make things happen - inspiring others and driving success across the board.

Moving on from steering teams effectively, it's also important we chat about..

Communication Skills

Talking to others and understanding them is a big part of everyday life. Good talking, listening, watching, and sharing feelings are key parts of communication skills. These skills help you share what you think and feel in a clear way at work.

They also make it easier for you to understand others. This makes the whole team have a better time at work.

Having strong communication skills can help your career grow. People will see that you mean what you say which makes them trust you more. Learning how to get better at these skills is an important step in personal development, because they're needed for good talks with anyone—friends, family or people at work.

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How aware are you of your effect on others?

Inspiring and Motivating People

Unlocking the full potential of individuals through personal development isn't just about ticking off self-improvement boxes – it's a transformative journey. It's about igniting a spark within, leading to an equilibrium where work-life balance is not just a concept but a lived experience, and resilience in the face of adversity becomes second nature.

Achieving Work-Life Balance

Balancing work and personal life can make you happier and more effective at your job. Many people find this balance by setting clear boundaries between their work time and home life.

You might leave work issues at the office, or decide not to check emails after a certain hour. This helps manage stress and keeps you focused when it's time to be with family or relax.

Employers can also help by offering flexible options like working from home some days. When staff have this kind of support, they often feel better and do great work. It's good for everyone – the business gets stronger as its people grow happier and healthier.

Mindfulness and Resilience

After finding that sweet spot between work and life, it's time to delve into mindfulness. Mindfulness lets you live in the now and not worry about past or future problems. People are training their minds to stay calm and aware of their feelings without getting overwhelmed.

This means they can bounce back from hard times better than before.

This kind of training doesn't just keep stress at bay; it helps folks take control of their lives. They learn to handle whatever comes with a clear mind. So while ticking off tasks or facing tough stuff at work, mindfulness is like an invisible shield, keeping them steady and ready for action.

It's all about being awake to what's happening right here, right now – giving you the power to stand strong no matter what life throws your way.

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Now by involving people he takes them with him

Benefits of Our Online Personal Development Training

Dive into the world of self-improvement with our online Personal Development Training, where flexibility meets expertise. It's learning redesigned for your bustling life – engage in tailored coaching sessions and connect with top-notch educators from wherever you are.

Flexible Learning

Flexible learning is all about fitting your studies into your life, not the other way around. With our online coaching and training, you can learn at times that work for you.

Self-paced means no rush and no stress – perfect for keeping up your mental health while juggling work or family commitments. Plus, if life gets really busy, you don't need to worry about missing a class; just pick up where you left off.

Now let’s talk about getting help from top experts in the field!

Learning From An Expert Coach

In our online personal development courses, you learn from an experienced expert. Alex knows his stuff and is ready to teach you one-to-one. He comes with heaps of experience – plus, they've got the skills to boost your own learning.

You'll pick up new ideas easily and get feedback that actually helps you grow.

The coaching is just for you! Our courses let you chat with the teacher, ask questions, and really understand what you're studying. This makes all the difference in grasping those tricky topics like time management or public speaking.

Lots of one-to-one coaching

Our online personal development training shines with its one-to-one coaching. Get the guidance you need right from experts. This means personal attention and advice that fits just you.

Your coach will know your strengths, work on your weak spots, and help you grow fast.

This helps build up your self-confidence big time. Plus, it makes sure you're moving forward in the best way for you at work or in life. Next up, let's dive into why picking this personal development course is a smart move!

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Learn how to tune in to others and enable them to tune in to you

Why Choose This Personal Development Training Course?

In a world where enhancing your skills is both enriching and accessible; our Personal Development Training Course is the stepping stone to unlocking a better you.

Varied Course Options

Our Personal Development Training Course offers a wide selection of topics to choose from. Whether you're looking to boost your confidence, improve your people management skills, or become a more persuasive eader, there's something here for you.

You can have a free personal development initial coaching session or dive deeper with special programs that may cost a bit but offer more in-depth learning.

Imagine gaining skills at your own pace from the comfort of your home – that's what our online learning environment is all about. Courses range from stress management and interpersonal skills to digital marketing and software development.

High-Quality Learning Experience

You want to get better at what you do and live a fuller life. Our personal development training is here to help with that. We bring together top experts who have the skills and know-how to guide you all the way.

This isn't just about learning new things; it's about really understanding them, so they can change your work and life for the better.

Every part of our course is designed with care. Whether it's boosting self-esteem or improving interview skills, we build a clear path for you to follow.

It’s all about giving you tools that work in real-life situations, not just theory that sounds good on paper.

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Learn to get taken more seriously


So, personal development training is a big deal. It shapes us in loads of ways, not just at work but all over. This sort of training helps us grow and get better at handling life's curveballs.

Choosing this kind of learning can really switch up how we see things — it’s like giving ourselves a super boost for the journey ahead. And remember, this isn't a quick fix; it's about taking steps to be our best selves every single day.

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Stand up for your ideas and also respect theirs

Personal Development Training FAQs

1. What is personal development training?

Personal development training is a lifelong process aimed at boosting your self-awareness, skills, and general wellbeing to reach both personal and professional goals.

2. Can this type of training help with work life balance?

Absolutely! It enhances one's ability to juggle the demands of daily life and careers by teaching effective communication skills, conflict resolution, and self-discipline.

3. Does it assist in improving physical health or dealing with mental health issues?

Yes, indeed. The exercise promotes better physical health while activities like meditation support mental wellness – key aspects of comprehensive self-development programs.

4. How can social media be used in personal development?

Social media offers access to resources such as e-learning courses on topics ranging from web design to public relations; plus, it's great for branding yourself professionally!

5. Is personal development relevant only for individual growth or also for enhancing professional skills?

It covers both areas – boosting attributes like gratitude increases happiness while gaining expertise through instructor-led training on Teams and Zoom that accelerates professional development.

6. Do these trainings include digital technology lessons, say in mobile marketing or blockchain?

Certainly! You could learn about google analytics or dive into blockchain – there's a vast array of topics available including app building using Dart (programming language) among others.

7. What are the benefits of free personal development courses, and how can they help individuals achieve their personal development goals through online courses?

Our free personal development courses (at least the first session is free) offer a valuable opportunity for you to explore self-discovery and growth. These online courses provide individuals with essential personal development skills and tools to create a personalised personal development plan. By harnessing these resources, individuals can benefit from structured guidance and achieve their desired personal development goals effectively.

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People used to be scared of him - no longer

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The first session is free so you're not committing yourself until you're sure this training is relevant for you. You will also learn something practical you can use right away that'll help you handle a difficult situation more successfully at work.

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