Project Management Skills Training Course

Managing Project Communication


Improve Outcomes

Increase your career prospects by boosting your emotional intelligence and communication skills.

Greater Collaboration

Encourage better communication between team members and effectively manage risk, change, and expectations within budget.

Better Performance

Ensure project success with confidence, reducing frustration and miscommunication with your team.

Course Summary

Training Objectives

This project management course is designed to help develop your communication skills and build relationships with stakeholders, team members, and clients. You will learn how to actively listen without judgement and read non-verbal cues in order to truly understand what people are saying. You'll explore how best to respond with honest and authentic feedback when someone disagrees with you or has an opposing opinion, which is an invaluable skill for any effective leader or project manager. The emphasis of the course is on honing your empathy skills while still being assertive enough to get your point across respectfully.

Emotional Intelligence

You will learn a set of powerful emotional intelligence communication techniques so that you can manage difficult conversations, handle challenging situations, build relationships and set firm boundaries. Group workshops are combined with one-to-one coaching sessions. You'll gain confidence as a project manager, and develop valuable experience handling difficult conversations and building relationships.

Transferable Skills

The goal of this training is to equip you with the tools they need to build strong, lasting relationships in your professional life, although because these skills are so transferable many clients report vast improvements in their personal relationships as well.

Develop Skills

This is a skills development rather than just a theoretical programme, so the emphasis throughout will be on you taking turn after turn, practising your skills, while receiving feedback and coaching about your effect on others.

More Than Just A Course Of Lectures

What gets in the way of developing and holding on to new communication skills are old habits of thinking and speaking. Even if the advice is very good the reason why it rarely sticks are the mental habits people inevitably revert to, especially under pressure. Unlearning those old habits and internalising a more effective and lasting approach to communication needs more than a short course of lectures on how to do it.

Practice and Feedback

In your coaching sessions you will be helped to practise dealing with the kinds of situation you find challenging, again and again, until you are confident you can do it successfully.

Video Analysis

We'll combine practical, hands-on experience with video replay and analysis and discussion of the principles involved to help you gain both skills and understanding. Special attention is paid to your individual training needs, so you can practise your skills in real-life situations that you have to handle at work.

What Makes This Training Stand Out?

What makes this training stand out is the exceptional support through one-to-one coaching sessions. Changing behaviour is not an easy task as old habits are hard to break.

Sustained Change

That's why as well as your place in a small group, this training includes a generous amount of private and confidential one-to-one coaching sessions online, spread over several months, ensuring an exceptional level of support. This will ensure the changes you make are sustained over a longer period of time and any obstacles are overcome.


Join thousands of participants getting results

"What I love about this course is that I didn't just learn about the topic, this course is about ME.  I'm confident I can reliably use my new skills, even when under pressure".

5 stars

A Project Manager At A Tech Company

"A lesson for life! The power of effective communication is incredible when one masters the skills "listening with empathy" and "speaking assertively"

5 stars

A Project Quality Engineer

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What Makes This Project Management Training So Effective?

Improve Your Communication Skills on this Project Management Course

For more than four decades, our London UK-based project management course has been used by thousands of professionals and managers from around the world. They've gone on to not only sharpen their skills for better communication but also flourish in both personal and professional life! We've helped clients build their skills so that they can become more effective in both their professional careers. Many call this the best project management course they've attended!

If you are looking to take your project management skills up a notch, our communication training course could be the perfect solution for you. We've specialised in honing these abilities since day one, and countless satisfied customers will vouch that it's made all the difference! So what makes this option stand out from other project management courses? Find out why our program is truly top-notch here.

Learn how to tune in to others and enable them to tune in to you

Communication Skills Training for Effective Project Management

Unlock Your Project Success

Project managers face numerous difficulties in delivering projects on time, within budget, and to the satisfaction of stakeholders. Good communication is essential for keeping your team members informed, aligned, and motivated, but poor communication can lead to misunderstandings, confusion, and delays.

The hardest part of your job in project management is making difficult decisions that may not be popular with your stakeholders or team members. Effective communication skills are crucial in managing these conversations successfully.

As much as 90% of your job in project management is managing the people and processes involved in the project. To be successful, you'll need to master a variety of skills, including leadership, communication, problem-solving, decision-making, organisational, budgeting, and time management skills. You must be able to manage stakeholders, prioritise tasks, monitor progress, and adjust resources as needed.

This project management course focuses on the communication skills that help project professionals more effective communicators, with a generous amount of one-to-one coaching. Your leadership skills will improve, as well your success in managing projects successfully.

Assertiveness, Listening Skills & Emotional Intelligence Training

What Benefits Could A Project Manager Get From This Course?


 Benefits for Project Managers 


Emotional Intelligence

 Recognise and manage emotions (your own and other peoples). By increasing your self-awareness you'll be able to be better at identifying and understand biases, tendencies, and blind-spots in your own agile project management and team members.



 With an increased knowledge gained understanding of your own emotions you'll improve your ability to recognise and talk about them. A clear understanding of both your own and other people's emotions could make a profound difference to the effectiveness of your project management and communication when you manage projects.


Listening Skills

 Develop your active listening skills (e.g. paraphrasing, summarising, and empathy). As a project management professional when you become good at acknowledging other people's feelings and perspectives you'll find them becoming a lot less resistant.



 Understand and demonstrate empathy by accurately identifying and naming other people's emotions. If you can learn how to make it diplomatic and compassionate they're less likely to argue or reject you out of hand, making it more likely you'll deliver successful projects.



 Once you've learnt to express your thoughts and feelings openly and honestly you'll be able to handle difficult conversations and challenging situations more easily when you're managing projects. With this assertiveness training you'll know how to set firm boundaries and provide clear feedback without having to hold back.


Video Camera

 We use a camera so you can receive immediate feedback and analysis. Once you properly understand your impact on others you'll be able to adjust your approach accordingly. New project managers might cringe, but more experienced project managers find it a wonderfully useful tool for seeing what other people see when they look at you.


Cultural Differences

 If you have a different cultural background you may need help understanding how to integrate seamlessly with your Western clients

One-to-One Coaching

You'll receive ongoing support for development and refinement of your skills. Gain even more confidence with your newfound communication skills. Your coach will mentor you for continued support using the virtual learning environment of Teams or Zoom. As a matter of fact, we're so confident you'll be satisfied that your coaching won't end until you're completely confident you know what you're doing (at no extra charge).


Improve Your Project Management Skills with Empathy and Assertiveness

The ability to effectively manage any project is a skill set that requires both empathy and assertiveness. In order to succeed in any project, one must be able to understand the needs of their team members or stakeholders, while also being able to honestly express their own point of view. This project management course will focus on honing these skills to help you become a successful project manager.

Develop Your Communication Skills

This course will give you the tools to develop your communication skills and build relationships with clients, team members, and stakeholders. You will learn how to actively listen without judgment and read nonverbal cues in order to truly understand what people are saying. You'll explore how best to respond with honest and authentic feedback when someone disagrees with you or has an opposing opinion. Effective communication is essential for any successful leader or project manager!

Hone Your Empathy Skills

One of the most important skills a project manager can have is the ability to empathise with others; when they resist you, paying respectful attention to their concerns makes them much more likely to trust you and stop resisting you. The empathy training on this course will show you how best to use empathy while still being assertive enough to get your point across effectively. It will also help you learn how best to collaborate with other stakeholders in order to determine what is best for the project at hand.

Express Yourself Assertively

It's not enough just knowing what your people want - you also need be able express yourself clearly and confidently when the time comes for decision making or setting goals. The assertiveness training on this course will provide strategies on how best express yourself assertively without coming off as aggressive or overbearing.

Understand Non-Verbal Cues

This course provides coaching on understanding and responding to non-verbal cues such as facial expressions, body language, voice inflection, etc., which can often reveal more than words alone can convey. Knowing how read between the lines is an invaluable skill that every effective leader should have!

At the end of this course, you'll have developed a well-rounded set of skills that are essential for success as a project manager or leader. You'll learn how best communicate effectively with stakeholders, team members, and clients by honing your empathy skills while still being assertive enough express your point across respectfully. Understanding non-verbal cues will help you gain insight into people's thoughts that words alone cannot convey which makes them invaluable tools for any successful leader!

How aware are you of your effect on others?

Common Communication Challenges In Project Management - and How To Fix Them

 Problem for Project Managers Benefits of This Course
 Miscommunications with your team members could lead to important information being lost or misunderstood, causing mistakes and delays. Learn how to double-check message transmission and receipt, manage projects, and ensure clear communication with team members. On this course you'll learn how to make sure people aren't just hearing what they want to hear.
 Poor communication channels might mean important information is missed, or not communicated quickly enough, which could jeopardise a project's success. Clearer communication will make it much more likely important information is not missed or miscommunicated.
 Inadequate status reporting could lead to confusion, mistrust or frustration change management, which could damage your reputation as a reliable project manager. Some people are not confident about presenting in meetings in front of senior managers because they don't want to look incompetent or foolish when challenged with uncomfortable questions. Provide regular and accurate status reporting on key elements and respond proactively when issues arise. On this course you'll get project management knowledge and learn to confidently communicate with key resources and senior management
 You'll learn to confidently present verbally in leadership meetings, so that rather than presenting problems you can instead speak enthusiastically about what you plan to do (or have already done) about it. You'll be worth your weight in gold if you can reassure them you are a safe pair of hands. 

Lack of transparency can lead to confusion and mistrust among team members and stakeholders if Information is not shared openly and transparently.


Learn how to share information with project management openly and transparently (when appropriate). Develop your skills to be sensitive to any uneasiness among team members and project management, so you can swiftly address issues that need dealing with. 
 Other people's resistance to receiving feedback can make it difficult for you to suggest improvements. Learn how to motivate and inspire with generous praise, and be courageous with your honest criticism. Learn how to say what you really think, without fear of it jeopardising your job opportunities, career or your reputation.


We'll help you develop your communication skills on this London UK project management training course

Now by involving people he takes them with him

Is This The Right Project Management Training Course For You?

Might your need to be more successful at project management be met by this London UK based training course called Skills with People?

Yes, if you agree with the following

  • As project manager, though I'm responsible for the success of my projects I often feel I lack the authority to get people to do things, particularly if they're senior people.
  • I wish I could just tell them what to do and they'd get on with it, but often they have different priorities.
  • It's very frustrating when people resist what I want them to do. I try to reason with them, but far too much time and energy is taken up arguing.
  • Sometimes I win the arguments, but I wish there was a better way.

What you'll take away from this project management training course

  • This project management training course will greatly enhance your powers of influence and persuasion. You'll learn how to overcome people's resistance quickly and without argument. The skills you learn will make people at all levels more ready to take you seriously and follow your lead. This will give an enormous boost to your confidence as a project manager.
How aware are you of your effect on others?

What Skills Does A Successful Project Manager Need To Master?

How the skills you'll practise on this course will make you much more successful at project management

To become a successful project manager you need a variety of skills, including leadership, communication, problem-solving, decision-making, organisational, budgeting, and time management skills.

You must be able to manage stakeholders, prioritise tasks, monitor project plans, measure progress, and adjust resources as needed. You need a decent understanding of project management best practices tools, and risk management processes and be able to collaborate and build relationships with team members, suppliers, vendors, and clients.

You also need to be able to think critically, anticipate challenges, and identify opportunities for improvement.

Although much that is technical and therefore beyond the scope of this communication skills training course, a good deal of what is needed certainly relates to your ability to successfully talk to other people. This is an area we specialise in. We can help you become really good at it.

She now feels more confident in tackling people

What's Difficult About Project Management?

To be successful a project manager has to be able to motivate and direct people over whom he probably has no direct authority. It's not enough just to say "Do what I say because I'm project manager." The trouble is they may have conflicting views and priorities, and if he tries to ride rough-shod over these he's unlikely to be successful. If he wants their willing cooperation and commitment he has to master the art of persuasion. That's why this project management training course focuses on helping you develop the art of persuasion.

People used to be scared of him - no longer

What Skills Are Involved In The Art Of Persuasion?

There are just two crucial skills:

First, you need to be a very good listener, because people are influenced much more by how you listen to them than by what you tell them. As you must know from your own experience, arguing with them usually makes their resistance stronger. If, instead, you show you are trying to understand what's really bothering them the effect is quite different. This makes them much more receptive.

Second, you need to be assertive, that is, put what you want across in a way that carries conviction and is likely to be taken seriously. Without being assertive it is hard to give kind of feedback keeps people up to the mark. You'll receive coaching and instruction on how to give effective feedback on this project management training course.

A blend of assertiveness and good listening makes it very hard for people to resist your persuasion.

Are these two skills sufficient for project managers?

These two skills alone will greatly enhance your persuasive power as a project manager. They'll enable you to handle resistance and persuade without argument, and there'll be few situations you'll be unable to handle successfully, and they'll equip you for handling people at all levels. We'll coach you in applying these skills to the most challenging kinds of situations you are encountering in your role project manager.

Arguing vs Bullying

What This Project Management Course Is, And Is Not

Managing Expectations

This training course offers the essential practical communication skills required to deliver successful projects and improve career prospects rather than technical training for project managers. Some other project management courses lead to project management qualifications, or certification from organisations such as the Project Management Institute (PMI), APM Project Management Qualification, or project fundamentals qualification which is a globally recognised qualification provides a certified associate qualification. These are necessary for project managers because they focus on technical aspects like resource management, project planning, portfolio management, and quality control.

However, this course is an excellent starting point for project managers seeking to improve your professional skills and enhance your career development through continuing professional development, and therefore a strong business case can be made for it.

This has been described by some as the best project management course because it is designed to offer more experienced project managers, new project managers, and project team members with the necessary practical skills needed to manage projects, deliver successful projects, and change management. This course is not your typical technical training that provides qualifications or certification, but instead, it focuses on developing soft skills that are transferable and applicable to both traditional and agile projects.

This training is delivered online as well as face-to-face, with learning materials and tutor support accessible to anyone with an internet connection. The course's core principles cover practical skills that are necessary for managing projects, understanding project scope, and delivering projects at your own pace. The course's transferable skills allow project professionals to manage complex projects, understand project objectives and quality management, and deliver projects effectively through better your communication with your team.

While project management qualifications and certifications are essential for project managers, it is also important to develop practical skills that are transferable and applicable to real-world project work. The project management profession requires professionals to develop professional skills and personal development continually. This practical communication skills course offers the necessary skills to deliver projects successfully, manage project teams, and improve career prospects. Whether you are an experienced project manager seeking a change in career or a new project manager looking to build your skills, this course offers a rich learning experience you'll enjoy.

Learn how to be both firm and fair

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