Change Management Training

Learn To Navigate Change with Confidence

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Mastery

Gain confidence and clarity in communication, mastering emotions for impactful leadership.

Skill Enhancement

Elevate career prospects with practical, real-world skills for dynamic change management.

Lasting Change

Transform and succeed personally and professionally with comprehensive, lasting growth through coaching.

Refine your communication skills by learning to harness your emotional intelligence with one of the UK's most acclaimed management training courses.

Why Choose This Training?

More Than Just A Course Of Lectures

What gets in the way of developing and holding on to new communication skills are old habits of thinking and speaking. Even if the advice is very good the reason why it rarely sticks are the mental habits people inevitably revert to, especially under pressure.

Unlearning those old habits and internalising a more effective and lasting approach to communication needs more than a short course of lectures on how to do it.

What Makes This Training Stand Out?

What makes this training stand out is the exceptional support through one-to-one coaching sessions and continuous feedback. Changing behaviour is not an easy task as old habits are hard to break.

With a 40-year track record we can help you cultivate practical skills, and build your confidence to so you can successfully navigate real-world challenges, ensuring lasting behavioural improvements.


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"What I love about this course is that I didn't just learn about the topic, this course is about ME.  I'm confident I can reliably use my new skills, even when under pressure".

5 stars

A Project Manager At A Tech Company

"A lesson for life! The power of effective communication is incredible when one masters the skills "listening with empathy" and "speaking assertively"

5 stars

A Project Quality Engineer

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Course Summary

Training Objectives

Interested in navigating organizational change with authority? Master change with this top change management training course. This change management training fortifies professionals with the competencies to steer and sustain transformation. In this course summary, we will dissect the critical elements of effective training programs, spotlight the advantages of our training, and navigate you through the options to determine whether this particular training course aligns with your career ambitions or business objectives.

  • Change management training prepares individuals to navigate organisational change, benefitting businesses by strategically planning and implementing changes, and offering career advancement opportunities for professionals.
  • This comprehensive change management courses cover communication skills and practical applications of real-world situations, scenarios and conversations so you can validate your expertise and boost professional credibility.
  • Choosing the right change management course requires consideration of factors like the trainer’s experience, course content alignment with your career goals, and the reputation of the training provider, to effectively enhance skills and meet career aspirations.

Develop Your Emotional Intelligence

You will learn a set of powerful emotional intelligence communication techniques so that you can manage difficult conversations, handle challenging situations, build relationships and set firm boundaries.

Transferable Skills

The goal of this training is to equip you with the tools they need to build strong, lasting relationships in your professional life, although because these skills are so transferable many clients report vast improvements in their personal relationships as well.

Develop Skills

This is a skills development rather than just a theoretical programme, so the emphasis throughout will be on you taking turn after turn, practising your skills, while receiving feedback and coaching about your effect on others.

Repeated Practice and Feedback

In your coaching sessions you will be helped to practise dealing with the kinds of situation you find challenging, again and again, until you are confident you can do it successfully.

Video Analysis

We'll combine practical, hands-on experience with video replay and analysis and discussion of the principles involved to help you gain both skills and understanding. Special attention is paid to your individual training needs, so you can practise your skills in real-life situations that you have to handle at work.

Sustained Change

That's why as well as your place in a small group, this training includes a generous amount of private and confidential one-to-one coaching sessions online, spread over several months, ensuring an exceptional level of support. This will ensure the changes you make are sustained over a longer period of time and any obstacles are overcome. Choose between online training available worldwide, or in-person face-to-face courses in the UK.

Course Dates and Price

For a list of upcoming course dates (for online coaching and face-to-face training), the locations of the next 3-day public courses in the UK and pricing Click here.

Free Initial Session

This initial coaching session serves as an introduction to the "Skills with People" course, allowing you to understand the course's relevance and effectiveness for your specific needs before committing to it.

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She now feels more confident in tackling people

Understanding Change Management Training

This training for change management will equip you with the necessary skills and techniques to navigate organisational changes. It involves identifying barriers, determining crucial steps, and overseeing implementation of change in order to minimise its impacts. This is highly important for organisations as it establishes a framework for acceptance, leading to higher success rates and aiding informed decision making that enhances productivity and profitability.

Not only do organisations benefit from this type of training, but individuals as well. Change management training not only helps professionals become effective managers, but also opens up opportunities for fulfilling careers with attractive salaries. Through comprehensive understanding of managing the human aspect of change, participants are prepared to successfully handle organizational transformations.

Importance of Change Management

Change management is important in order for companies to thrive. This process is crucial as it allows businesses to strategically plan and implement transformative changes that improve long-term prospects and financial performance, while also responding to shifting market dynamics. Proper change management helps mitigate resistance, reduce expenses, promote informed decision-making, increase efficiency, minimize risks, and ultimately enhance profitability.

A well-executed change management strategy ensures successful adoption of organisational changes within a company. By utilising such strategies, the transition process can be made smoother with minimal disruption along the way.This contributes greatly to overall success by ensuring efficient handling and support of any required organizational adjustments.

A key factor for thriving amidst constant shifts is proficiently managing organisational changes. In this regard, trained professionals play an integral role. Specifically, targeted training programs equip individuals with necessary skills on navigating these inevitable transformations effectively. Effective implementation of organisational change initiatives guarantees smooth transitions, timely responses and skilfully manages all associated processes. It leads to diligent adoption of the changes that results into ultimate benefits of successful operational changes across business.

Benefits of Training

The primary purpose of this change management training is to improve your skills by providing you with the necessary knowledge and abilities to successfully navigate changes within a business. This type of training helps develop strong leadership qualities, such as effective communication, collaboration, innovation, and resilience. It also instills the understanding that change is an inevitable aspect in any organisation.

To personal development, participating in change management training can lead to career advancement opportunities. By learning how to manage transitions effectively and implementing successful strategies for organisational changes (such as job restructures or technology updates), professionals are better equipped for future challenges in their careers.

This type of training also has a positive impact on overall organisational effectiveness. It promotes creativity and adaptability among employees while increasing success rates for change initiatives through proper preparation and implementation techniques. It emphasises the importance of utilising effective communication strategies during times of transition. Lastly, it prepares personnel at all levels within an organisation to become proficient facilitators when it comes managing shifts across different departments, restructuring teams, and updating workflows. The benefits offered by engaging in comprehensive change management training are numerous and valuable for both individual professionals and organisations.

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Now by involving people he takes them with him

Key Components of This Change Management Course

This change management course, is a comprehensive program designed to cover all aspects of change management communication skills. These courses incorporate theoretical frameworks that offer structured methods for handling the complexities of change, as well as practical applications through exercises and real-life examples. Doing this course could greatly benefit an individual’s career by boosting your professional credibility.

The components included in these change management courses are crucial for developing effective managers who are capable of successfully implementing transformation initiatives. With a focus on practical skills over theory combined with hands-on experience and case studies from the real world, individuals gain valuable skills to become proficient leaders in managing changes within organisations. You'll be able to practice your emotional intelligence skills (listening with empathy, and speaking assertively).

One major advantage of completing this course is its impact on income potential, it enables professionals to excel as agents driving organisational transformations. The approach provided by this training has helped individuals effectively handle change in their companies. Gaining trust and support from stakeholders becomes easier after doing this course because they will have practiced and rehearsed difficult conversations before attempting them for real.

Theoretical Frameworks

The backbone of change management courses is made up of theoretical frameworks. These structured approaches offer effective guidance for organizations to navigate the complexities involved in managing change, ultimately leading to successful outcomes.

One commonly taught model is based around emotional intelligence, which focuses on elements that apply to how receptive or defensive other people are likely to be. This is an essential skill to master for driving change effectively towards desired outcomes.

Practical Application

The use of change management theory in practical settings is a crucial component of training. It enables learners to put theories and tools into practice, challenge assumptions, and develop skills for effectively managing change within the context of management training specifically focused on this area. Real-life examples include brief case studies related to leading and managing change, as well as specific instances where companies have successfully implemented change strategies.

Through simulations, participants can refine their skills in a risk-free environment. Hands-on exercises are coupled with team-building activities and interactive workshops which allow people to actively engage in expressing concerns, discussing resistance, focusing on potential opportunities, and developing future plans. These practical applications also foster communication abilities, strong leadership capabilities, effective listening, strategic thinking, sound coaching techniques, and project management expertise that aid towards successful implementation of change initiatives.

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Learn how to tune in to others and enable them to tune in to you

We Are A Top Change Management Training Provider

Choosing the right change management training provider is a crucial step in your professional development. The market offers a variety of options, each with its own unique benefits. 

The decision between online or in-person training depends on personal learning preferences and schedule availability. We offer various course options to cater to different learning styles, giving you the freedom to choose one that fits best.

Online Training Courses

You can enrol in an online change management course. This way all your coaching can be done via video calls. You can be anywhere, and don't have to been the UK to receive the training.

In-Person Training Courses

Our face-to-face training deliver an interactive learning experience. Our clients tell us that we are among the top in-person providers of change management training.

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Choosing the Right Change Management Course

It is crucial to carefully consider several factors when selecting the most suitable change management course. These include:

  • The expertise of the instructor leading the course.
  • How well it aligns with your career goals and aspirations.
  • The specific content covered in the course.
  • Length or duration of training program.

The focus, scope, and depth of material included can vary significantly among different change management courses, which will ultimately impact its effectiveness. One should also take into account how long a particular program lasts as it may affect the level at which participants are trained on various aspects related to managing changes within an organisation.

Assessing Your Needs

It is important to assess your needs before selecting a change management course. Take into account your current level of knowledge, career goals, and availability for the course. The various change management certifications have different requirements such as experience in the field and completion of specific training programs.

Knowing your preferred learning style can also help you choose an appropriate course. Consider these factors when making a decision.

  • Learning materials provided with the course
  • Depth of study resources
  • Assessments designed to identify personal learning styles and strengths/weaknesses.

Comparing Courses

After carefully assessing your needs, the next step is to compare different change management courses. In evaluating their content, consider if they provide actionable strategies and tactics for managing change, evaluate various methodologies in this area of study, and are relevant to your specific requirements.

To determine the cost-effectiveness of a course on change management, it may be helpful to conduct a cost-benefit analysis which should cover:

  • An evaluation of how effective individuals will become at achieving desired results in handling changes upon completing the course
  • Consideration for credibility level, experience background, and recognition by certification providers

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Career Opportunities in Change Management

The job market for change management professionals is strong, with an ongoing availability of 60,000 positions. Those in this field can choose to work as consultants, start their own consultancy business or take on roles as change management analysts.

In the United Kingdom, a typical salary for individuals working in change management is around £54,000 per year. This indicates lucrative earning potential within this industry.

Job Roles

There are various job roles associated with change management, including Change Managers, Change Analysts, Change Consultants, and Change Management Specialists. These professionals play a crucial role in facilitating organizational changes within the IT department.

Change Managers oversee all aspects of implementing changes to IT systems. This includes prioritizing requests for change and assessing how they will impact employees. They also develop strategies and plans to manage these changes effectively. Strong interpersonal skills, problem-solving abilities, time management skills are necessary traits for this position along with analytical capabilities and excellent communication.

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Industries and Sectors

The demand for change management professionals is widespread across various industries, such as technology companies, the automotive sector, consumer brands, education services, health services and more. This includes IT where their role involves effectively managing changes to systems through prioritization and execution.

In finance sectors specifically, there is a significant need for structured and strategic approaches in implementing change. Change management provides this by minimizing disruption during transformations while improving communication and reducing resistance.

Government agencies also utilize change management techniques with an emphasis on creating a clear vision of desired outcomes while being mindful of current realities. Broad support from stakeholders coupled with specific objectives are key components in successful implementation.

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Having the skill of change management is crucial in today’s ever-changing business landscape. Through undergoing training for change management, individuals gain necessary tools and techniques to successfully navigate through changes and facilitate successful organizational transformations. With a variety of courses, certifications, and providers available in this field, it is important to assess individual needs carefully before selecting a course and preparing diligently for certification exams. This industry presents numerous career prospects making it an attractive option for those seeking employment opportunities.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Change Management Training

What is change management training?

Change management training equips individuals with the necessary expertise and competencies to effectively navigate organizational transitions, comprehend both business and personal perspectives on change.

What qualifications does a change manager need?

Ideally, a change manager should possess an undergraduate degree in a business-related field as it enables them to have a thorough comprehension of organizational structure and its management. This knowledge is essential for effectively handling internal changes within the organization.

How do you train change management?

To train change management, it’s important to understand employee resistance, create custom training content, provide flexibility, establish a doubt redressal mechanism, and utilize technology for better learning.

These strategies can help in effectively training for change management.

What are the key components of change management courses?

Change management courses consist of core elements such as established theories, practical scenarios with real-world examples, and official certifications to demonstrate proficiency and boost professional reputation. These programs offer structured methods for effectively managing change in various situations.

How can I prepare for change management certification exams?

To successfully pass change management certification exams, it is important to engage in thorough preparation by utilizing study materials such as guides and practice tests. Taking advantage of online forums can also aid in understanding the subject matter better. It is crucial to develop effective studying strategies that will ultimately lead to achieving your desired outcome in these exams.

What is the Change Management Foundation Practitioner certification, and how can it help professionals dealing with organizational change management?

The Change Management Foundation Practitioner certification is a globally recognised qualification offered by the Change Management Institute. It equips professionals with comprehensive knowledge and management principles necessary to implement successful transformation initiatives. This certification encompasses both foundation and practitioner exams, ensuring individuals have a broad range of skills to effectively plan, manage, and implement change processes within their organisations. Please note that we do not provide this qualification on this course.

Can you tell me more about free change management courses and how they contribute to building change management expertise?

Free change management courses are online resources provided by knowledge train institutions, often accredited by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS). These courses offer a foundation level of education on change management processes, enabling professionals to understand how change affects organizations and how to manage change initiatives effectively. While they may not offer a definitive certification like the APMG Change Management qualification, they serve as valuable resources for those looking to embrace change and become change leaders. Please note that although we offer a free initial coaching session, the rest of our course is not free.

What are the key benefits of obtaining an APMG Change Management certification, and how does it differ from the institute's Change Management Foundation Practitioner certification?

The APMG Change Management certification is a globally recognised qualification that certifies professionals as certified change management practitioners. It focuses on the management of change projects and provides individuals with the tools and knowledge to implement successful transformation initiatives. On the other hand, the Change Management Foundation Practitioner certification from the Change Management Institute is a broader certification that covers both foundation and practitioner levels, encompassing a wide range of change management qualifications and management principles. Both certifications are valuable, but the APMG certification may be more specific to managing change initiatives and stakeholder engagement. Please note that we do not provide these qualifications.

What is the significance of obtaining a Change Management Practitioner certification for project managers, and how can it complement project management skills?

The Change Management Practitioner certification can be useful for project managers who want to excel in managing change initiatives within their projects. This globally recognised qualification, coupled with project management expertise, ensures that an effective change manager's handbook is developed. It equips project managers with the necessary skills to navigate the complexities of change management processes, keeping stakeholders engaged and ensuring the successful implementation of change within the project.

Can you explain how the Change Management Foundation Practitioner certification enhances organisational change management efforts and supports the development of effective change leaders?

The Change Management Foundation Practitioner certification is a valuable qualification for professionals involved in organisational change management. It provides a globally recognised qualification that covers a broad range of change management processes. This certification equips individuals with the knowledge and skills needed to become effective change leaders. By understanding the institute's change management body and following the change management process, certified practitioners can lead change initiatives and drive successful change programs within their organisations. Please note that we do not provide this qualification.

Are there any online courses available that combine project management and change management to help professionals?

Yes, our online course offer a combination of project management and change management training. You'll learn valuable communication skills that are relevant to both professions. Our courses prepares people for real-world arguments and negotiations. By completing these courses, professionals can gain a understanding in the skills you will need to become a more successful project manager who understand change management principles, enabling them to lead change initiatives effectively and manage change programs within their organisations. These courses help people become successful change managers with the necessary skills for handling change initiatives.

What is the significance of APMG Change Management Foundation in the context of organisational change management, and how does it contribute to the development of change leaders?

The APMG Change Management Foundation is a key qualification for individuals involved in organizational change management. This globally recognised qualification provides a solid foundation in change management principles and practices. It equips professionals with the necessary skills to lead change initiatives effectively. By successfully completing the foundation examination, individuals can become change leaders, capable of driving change programs within their organizations while possessing a globally recognised qualification in the change management profession.

Can you recommend any online courses that offer both management foundation and practitioner training to prepare professionals for change initiatives and change programs?

Yes, our online course can provide comprehensive training in management foundation and practitioner levels. These courses cover organisational change management, preparing people to excel in managing change initiatives and leading change programs. By completing these courses, professionals can develop the skills needed to become effective change leaders and achieve a globally recognized qualification in the change management profession.

How can professionals leverage a globally recognised qualification in APMG Change Management Foundation to support and drive successful change programs within their organisations?

Professionals who attain the APMG Change Management Foundation certification gain valuable insights into change management principles and practices, making them well-equipped to lead change initiatives and change programs. This globally recognized qualification enhances their credibility in the change management profession, allowing them to influence organizational change positively. With a strong foundation in change management, individuals can play a pivotal role in promoting effective organizational change and driving successful change initiatives.

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