How can one course meet so many different management training needs?

Here’s how:-

The Skills with People course focuses on how to handle your most difficult relationships, conversations and meetings, because these are the situations needing most skill.

What makes them difficult to handle is the strong emotion they arouse.

That's why the course is designed to give you a foundation of practical emotional intelligence. This will make you more effective at handling situations where strong emotion is aroused.

Emotional intelligence is the ability to put feelings into words so that they can be talked about and managed rationally and safely. If we can’t talk about feelings they don’t just go away. They remain beneath the surface even if we're not consciously aware of them, swamping the mind and driving us to behave irrationally. Talking about feelings helps us let off steam safely, calm down and recover our rational minds.

Becoming more communicative about feelings is therefore a crucial key to connecting better with others. It can’t fail to bring you greater success and satisfaction in handling even your most difficult relationships, conversations and meetings. Human beings, whether we're aware if it or not, have evolved with a high degree of alertness to one-another’s states of mind. A very large proportion of the human brain is engaged in enabling us to pick up and respond to clues about the feelings, attitudes and intentions of our fellow human beings. Our survival has depended on it.

But many of us have learned as a result of upbringing and social conditioning to suppress or ignore feelings. This habit is hard to break.

On the course we'll help you break the habit of suppressing feelings by helping you develop two crucial skills. Most people already have these skills to some degree, or at least the potential to develop them. Both skills are ways of putting feelings safely into words. The first we call listening with empathy. It's a way of helping others to put their feelings into words. The other we call speaking assertively. It's a way if putting our own feelings into words.

The course provides a great deal of coaching to help you use these two vital skills in a wide variety of difficult situations. We’ll encourage you to select and work on the particular situations you find hardest to handle.

You’ll also learn a great deal by helping others on the course in their struggle to master the basic skills and apply them to their most challenging situations. These will probably be different from yours. One of the things that becomes very apparent on the course is that though all human beings are wired emotionally in a pretty similar basic way, each of us is unique in our particular experiences in life and at work. On the course we try to help each individual meet his or her unique needs.

One of the most valuable things many people take away from this course is an increased ability to understand and coach colleagues who are having difficulties at work.

Apart from the universal relevance of emotional intelligence there are three other things that make it possible for this one course to meet so many different management training needs and for each participant to be treated differently and given the special coaching he or she requires:-

  1. Our own skill, insight and experience as trainers.
  2. The unusually large amount of private and confidential one-to-one coaching the course provides.
  3. The small size of the 3-day training session (six max).

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