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Coaching After The COVID-19 Pandemic

In these unprecidented times during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) worldwide pandemic when it is more important than ever to be able to manage teams remotely, and address difficult issues while talking over the phone or video conferencing, people are likely to be under greater stress.  Under these circumstances you may need a little extra support yourself.  

For more than 40 years we have offered a highly acclaimed communication skills training course for managers and professionals called "Skills with People".  It usually consists of a series of one-to-one coaching sessions which bookend an intensive 3-day training session in a small group, using a video camera so that participants can rehearse how they handle some of the most challenging conversations they encouter at work.   

Even though it is not possible to safely meet, and for groups to get together to rehearse and practice skills there is no reason people can't still learn new skills and develop with e-learning, video conferencing or telephone coaching sessions.

What Kind Of Coaching Is It?

  • Remote, using Zoom video (or phone, or Skype).  Private and confidential.  One-to-one.  Each session takes an hour.  Most people need at least 6, spread over 2 - 3 months.
  • This emotional intelligence coaching (speaking with assertiveness, and listening with empathy) is a communication skills programme designed to help people become more confident at handling difficult conversations, awkward relationships and tricky scenarios.  Just because you feel uncomfortable talking about it doesn't mean it would be best to avoid the discussion.
  • This is relevant not only for managers who need to delegate, but anyone who wants to strengthen relationhips, build rapport, win others round, influence more skilfully, or want to feel more confident connecting with people using video calls during business development conversations while we are not able to travel for face-to-face meetings.

What Is This Coaching About?

Who is this coaching for?

  • Managers and professionals who could be more successful if they sharpen up their people skills.

What skills will this coaching teach?

  • Two skills that are crucial to your success with people:
  • Listening with empathy, that is, showing others you truly get what they are trying to say, how they feel, and what they need.  This gains their trust and makes them more receptive to what you want to say.
  • Speaking assertively, that is, getting them to take you more seriously and understand more clearly what you want to say.

What will these skills enable you to do more successfully?

  1. gain people's co-operation and win their confidence when they are resisting or objecting,
  2. calm people down when they are aggressive or complaining,
  3. persuade, sell or negotiate strongly but in a win-win atmosphere without becoming entrenched in fruitless argument or appearing arrogant,
  4. resolve conflict and disagreement in an atmosphere of mutual respect and understanding,
  5. confront difficult issues without being aggressive or over-familiar,
  6. stand up for what I think or want without getting a reputation for being arrogant or difficult,
  7. disagree without getting into conflict,
  8. say "no" without causing resentment,
  9. be firm but fair – "tough on the issue but soft on the person",
  10. give really bad news without appearing arrogant or heartless,
  11. give genuine praise without being over-familiar or making people feel patronised,
  12. criticise without making people feel attacked,
  13. receive criticism without appearing defensive or arrogant,
  14. appraise, counsel, coach or mentor helpfully,
  15. handle resistance and negativity in a meeting with confidence and grace,

Why You Might Need Coaching

Couldn't you just read a how-to-do-it book?

What gets in the way of using these skills are old habits of thinking and speaking.  That’s why a crucial part of this coaching is the spotting and unlearning of counter-productive old habits.  That’s why, in these coaching sessions, you are helped to practise dealing with the kinds of situation you find challenging, again and again, until you are confident you can do it successfully.

What's Our Track Record

We developed our approach to People Skills over 40 years ago. It has been acclaimed many times a “highspot” in the field of UK management communications training. It has been of benefit to thousands of managers and professionals in many countries.


Obviously training funds vary.  We are used to tailoring the training to fit a range of budgets.  If you are interested in the training, but the cost of the full 6-month training programme is out of the question at the moment don't be put off getting in touch - you could still benefit.

You can get in touch with us here.

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