What’s our training method?


Our intention

Our intention as trainers is to be as helpful to you as possible in as practical a way as possible. This course is a challenging learning experience, but if you're ready for it you'll find it an enjoyable and rewarding one, in a friendly and supportive atmosphere.

We're not trying to change you as a person, though we may help you with how you are perceived. Nor do we tell you how you ought to behave, though we do aim to help you realise you've probably got a wider choice of ways of behaving than you previously thought.

The feedback you'll receive

The key to the training method lies in the quality of feedback you receive. The course is a kind of safe laboratory in which you're encouraged to experiment as much as you like and study the results. The feedback is all factual, specific and constructive. Participants are discouraged from making sweeping negative judgements and criticisms about each other, and instead encouraged to help each other collect factual answers to these four very personal but strictly factual questions:-

  1. Precisely what effect am I having on others? Do I switch them on or off?
  2. Precisely how am I doing this? What exactly am I saying or doing, even unintentionally, that might be having that effect?
  3. Exactly how do I need to change my approach if I want to get a different response from other people?
  4. What inner obstacle might make it hard for me to keep up my new approach? In other words, what old attitudes and patterns of thought and behaviour do I need to unlearn and let go of if the change is to be genuine and lasting?

What happens on the course

Most of your time on the course is spent not in lectures but in action in situations like the ones you have to handle at work. In order to help you make up your mind whether or not you want change your approach you can see yourself on video and receive lots of feedback about how you're coming across. This is followed by further practice, coaching and feedback until you’re satisfied you are able to come over as you intend.

To make sure you get enough personal attention from the trainer, group size is limited to six.

Get Started Now

Free exploratory coaching session

The first session is free so you're not committing yourself until you're sure this training is relevant for you. You will also learn something practical you can use right away that'll help you handle a difficult situation more successfully at work.

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