People Management - Leadership Skills Training

Grow Your Emotional Intelligence as a Leader

Relationship skills

Enhance Your Skills

Enhance leadership effectiveness by mastering communication, empathy, assertiveness, and team motivation.

Emotional Intelligence

Learn emotional intelligence techniques for managing difficult conversations and building strong relationships.

Relationship Building

Training that provides tools for strong professional and personal relationships, enhancing your interpersonal skills.

Refine your communication skills by learning to harness your emotional intelligence with one of the UK's most acclaimed management training courses.

Why Choose This Training?

More Than Just A Course Of Lectures

What gets in the way of developing and holding on to new communication skills are old habits of thinking and speaking. Even if the advice is very good the reason why it rarely sticks are the mental habits people inevitably revert to, especially under pressure.

Unlearning those old habits and internalising a more effective and lasting approach to communication needs more than a short course of lectures on how to do it.

What Makes This Training Stand Out?

What makes this training stand out is the exceptional support through one-to-one coaching sessions and continuous feedback. Changing behaviour is not an easy task as old habits are hard to break.

With a 40-year trac


Join thousands of participants getting results

"What I love about this course is that I didn't just learn about the topic, this course is about ME.  I'm confident I can reliably use my new skills, even when under pressure".

5 stars

A Project Manager At A Tech Company

"A lesson for life! The power of effective communication is incredible when one masters the skills "listening with empathy" and "speaking assertively"

5 stars

A Project Quality Engineer

Clients We Have Worked With

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Course Summary

Training Objectives

This course is designed to help you boost your management skills. This course helps you improve your management abilities by focusing on important skills like communication, empathy, assertiveness, resolving conflicts, delegating tasks, and motivating others. Our coaching and training program offers useful tips and practical knowledge to make you better at managing your team. As you keep learning and growing, you'll become a more effective leader. You'll create a positive work environment and help your team achieve success and growth together.

Develop Your Emotional Intelligence

You will learn a set of powerful emotional intelligence communication techniques so that you can manage difficult conversations, handle challenging situations, build relationships and set firm boundaries.

Transferable Skills

The goal of this training is to equip you with the tools they need to build strong, lasting relationships in your professional life, although because these skills are so transferable many clients report vast improvements in their personal relationships as well.

Develop Skills

This is a skills development rather than just a theoretical programme, so the emphasis throughout will be on you taking turn after turn, practising your skills, while receiving feedback and coaching about your effect on others.

Repeated Practice and Feedback

In your coaching sessions you will be helped to practise dealing with the kinds of situation you find challenging, again and again, until you are confident you can do it successfully.

Video Analysis

We'll combine practical, hands-on experience with video replay and analysis and discussion of the principles involved to help you gain both skills and understanding. Special attention is paid to your individual training needs, so you can practise your skills in real-life situations that you have to handle at work.

Sustained Change

That's why as well as your place in a small group, this training includes a generous amount of private and confidential one-to-one coaching sessions online, spread over several months, ensuring an exceptional level of support. This will ensure the changes you make are sustained over a longer period of time and any obstacles are overcome. Choose between online training available worldwide, or in-person face-to-face courses in the UK.

Course Dates and Price

For a list of upcoming course dates (for online coaching and face-to-face training), the locations of the next 3-day public courses in the UK and pricing Click here.

Free Initial Session

This initial coaching session serves as an introduction to the "Skills with People" course, allowing you to understand the course's relevance and effectiveness for your specific needs before committing to it.

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Now by involving people he takes them with him

Master the Art of People Management

Are you looking to improve your people management skills so you can manage and motivate your team more effectively?

This course covers essential topics such as emotional intelligence, performance management, communication, and coaching.

This training is customised to suit your specific needs ensuring you find the course is interesting, useful, relevant and practical.

Training suitable for managers and team leaders, regardless of your experience level.

You'll be better equipped to lead your team, address performance issues, and create a positive work environment.

You'll receive training as part of a small group, supplemented by one-to-one coaching until you're confident you know what you're doing.

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Learn how to be soft on the person yet tough on the issue

What makes this people management training so effective?

For more than 40 years this "Skills with People" training course has proven to be one of the most highly acclaimed. Over the years we've had thousands of managers and professionals through our hands. Many have said it's one of the best training courses they ever attended. We have helped our clients develop their skills so they can communicate more effectively, and succeed in both their personal and professional lives.

People management is a critical skill for success in any organisation. On this course we will teach you how to effectively manage and motivate your team, so you can develop the skills, ability and confidence you need to lead their teams to success. Here is how;-

Key Features

Benefit of this course

Practical & Relevant Content

Training covers practical tips for managing performance, setting goals, being taken seriously and giving feedback, applicable in real work situations.

Experienced Trainer

Communication skills trainers with vast experience in people management, offering practical guidance and insights.

Interactive Learning

Course includes using a video camera so you can see for yourself how you come across in real-world scenarios, hands-on exercises, and one-to-one coaching.

Personalised Support

Training offers personalised support and feedback with one-to-one coaching, addressing your unique issues.

Comprehensive Tools

You'll receive emotional intelligence tools and techniques for appraisals, performance management, goal-setting, and running successful meetings and feedback sessions.

Continuous Improvement

Emphasis on the importance of continuous improvement with ongoing support, resources, and one-to-one coaching for skill development over time.


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Learn how to be both firm and fair

Is this the right people management training course for you?

Might your need to improve your people management skills be met by this London UK course called Skills with People?

Yes if the following are true

  • I need clear guidance and instruction and lots of personal one-to-one coaching on how to put new people management skills into practice.
  • And I need opportunities to try my new people management skills out again and again and receive lots of feedback, initially in a safe environment.
  • And it will help me improve my people management skills if I can watch videos of myself so that I can see how I'm coming across to people.

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Are you helping them think for themselves?

What people management skills you'll take away from this training course

At the end of this people management skills training you'll know precisely what effect you're having on others. You have identified precisely what you are saying and doing that has these effects. You'll have experimented in a safe envirnment with changing your approach and finding out what difference this makes. You'll have explored some of your old mental habits that have held you back from being more effective with your people management skills. You'll be confident in your proven and enhanced set of people management skills.

Effective Communication

Clear and concise communication is crucial in any management role. This course can help you to express your expectations, provide feedback, and address concerns promptly. Effective communication also involves active listening, which allows you to understand team members' needs and empathise with their concerns. These communication skills can be honed through practice, which you'll receive lots of on this training course, where you'll have plenty of feedback from others about the effect you're having on other people.


Empathy is a vital people management skill if you want to understand the emotions and perspectives of your team members. You'll need this skill so that you can make informed decisions and address issues that inevitably arise. Empathy is the art of putting oneself in others' shoes and working out, or tuning in to how they feel, what about and why. You can develop this skill through active listening and lots of practice, both of which you'll receive on this course.

Conflict Resolution

Conflict is inevitable in any workplace, and effective conflict management is essential if you want to maintain a positive work environment. As a manager you should be able to identify the sources of conflict, facilitate open communication between team members, and devise appropriate solutions. Conflict resolution skills can be developed on this training courses with the use of role-playing exercises, video anlaysis and immediate feedback.


Delegating tasks appropriately is crucial for an manager to master. It not only improves team efficiency and ensuring that each team member is engaged and challenged, it also prevents you from burning out because you've taken on too much responsibilty yourself. You should be able to assign tasks to other people. If you can't then you are unlikely to get promoted any further where you have to look after a larger group of people. Your firm would likely worry you'll hit a wall. You have your own job to do. You don't need to be doing everyone esle's job for them as well. Your delegation skills can be improved on this management training course. You'll learn how to provide the right kind of feedback to your team members so they can be trusted to do their jobs as well as you.


An effective people manager knows how to motivate their team to achieve their goals. This involves understanding individual motivations, setting clear expectations, providing constructive feedback, and rewarding achievements. You can develop your motivational skills on this management course. We'll give you lots of opportunity to experiment with different management styles until you find one that is comfortable for you.

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He's now far more aware of his impact on others

Developing People Management Skills

Training and Education

Participating in this people management course, online course, or face-to-face management training program can significantly enhance your management skillset. This course typically covers 6 months of training, and covers essential topics like communication, delegation, conflict resolution, and motivation, providing you with practical tips and tools for effective people management.

Feedback and Coaching

Constructive feedback from team members, peers, and your trainer can be invaluable for identifying areas of improvement and developing your new skills. You will be provided with lots of feedback and consider and be coached and mentored as you hone your people management skills further.

Practicing Active Listening

Active listening is a critical aspect of effective communication and empathy. You can improve your listening skills by paying close attention to what others are saying, asking clarifying questions, and summarising key points to ensure understanding. When you also include empathy other people will believe you can almost read their mind. It's that powerful!

Building Relationships

Establishing strong relationships with your team members and colleagues is essential for effective people management. Managers should invest time in getting to know your team members, understanding their motivations and needs, and fostering a supportive work environment. This course can show you how to do that elegantly.

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Arguing vs Bullying

Common Challenges in People Management

Managing Remote Teams

The rise of remote work has introduced new challenges for people managers, such as communication barriers, time zone differences, and maintaining team cohesion. You must develop strategies to overcome these challenges, such as using effective communication tools, setting clear expectations, and promoting team bonding.

Balancing Different Personalities and Work Styles

Every individual has their own unique personality and work style, which can sometimes lead to clashes and misunderstandings. You need to be able to adapt your own management style to accommodate these differences and create a harmonious team environment.

Resolving Conflicts

Conflicts can arise from various sources, including personality clashes, miscommunication, and differing opinions on how to approach a task. Effective people managers must be able to identify the root causes of conflicts and facilitate open communication to resolve issues quickly and fairly. This may involve mediating discussions, proposing compromises, or implementing conflict resolution strategies learned through this training course.

Maintaining Trust and Accountability

Establishing trust and promoting accountability within a team are essential for effective people management. As a manager you need to be transparent in your decision-making, provide constructive feedback, and hold your team members accountable for their performance. This can be achieved by setting clear expectations, providing regular performance reviews, and encouraging open communication. We can show you exactly how to do it.

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She now feels more confident in tackling people

Becoming an Effective People Manager

Continuously Learning and Improving Skills

Effective people managers recognise that their skills can always be improved and are committed to continuous learning. This can be achieved by participating in people management course like this one. If you're not sure, why not try out a free initial coaching session. Thats way you won't have to commit to the whole course until you're convinced it's going to be interesting, useful and relevant for you.

Fostering a Positive Work Culture

Creating a positive work environment where employees feel valued, supported, and motivated is crucial for successful people management. You can encourage collaboration, promote work-life balance, and celebrate individual and team achievements. This can help to boost morale, increase employee satisfaction, and improve overall team performance.

Balancing Task-oriented and People-oriented Approaches

While it's necessary to focus on achieving goals and meeting deadlines, people managers must also prioritise the well-being and development of their team members. Striking the right balance between task-oriented and people-oriented approaches can lead to improved team performance, increased job satisfaction, a more engaged workforce and better staff retention.

Building Sustainable Relationships

Developing strong, long-lasting relationships with team members and colleagues is essential for effective people management. By investing time in getting to know others, understanding their needs and motivations, and providing ongoing support and encouragement, you can create a positive work environment your employees feel valued and empowered. We can show you how to mange that successfully on this course.

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How aware are you of your effect on others?

Why do some people struggle with people management?

Managing people requires specific skills such as communication, conflict resolution, and delegation, which some people may not possess or may need to develop. On this course we'll show you how.

Managing a team with diverse personalities and work styles can be challenging, as it requires adapting to different communication styles and finding ways to motivate each individual. Let us help you tune into other people's wave-length more successfully.

People management often involves dealing with sensitive issues and managing strong emotions, which can be difficult for some individuals who struggle with emotional intelligence. We can help you develop your EQ skills.

Balancing the demands of managing a team with the demands of other responsibilities can be challenging for some individuals, leading to feelings of burnout or stress. However, with some skill and practice these conversations needn't take for ever. We'll show you how to master them and to become more assertive.

People management often requires change and the implementation of new processes, which can be met with resistance from team members. However, these difficulties can be overcome using empathy. We'll show you exactly how.

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Assertiveness, Listening Skills & Emotional Intelligence Training

What specific people management skills will I learn on this course?

How the skills you'll practise on this course will make you much more successful at people management

We've tried to boil the art of people management down to its simplest basic ingredients (simple is not the same thing as easy). If I want to improve the connection between us there are two and only two things I need do. One is make sure I understand you, the other is make sure you understand me. The first is to do with how I listen, the second with how I speak.

If this sounds a little too simple and obvious, what is perhaps not so simple and obvious is the quality of listening and speaking needed. It makes all the difference when the listening is done with empathy and the speaking is done assertively. These two skills produce a relaxed and safe atmosphere of mutual understanding, respect, honesty and trust - crucial for winning people's cooperation. By using these skills I can take the initiative in improving our relationship - I do not need to wait for you to make the first move.

The word 'skill' needs a caution. These are not like manual skills, such as driving a car, which once developed we can use automatically while our mind and heart are somewhere else. They require our full attention. They are skills of the heart, ways of expressing our whole self and helping another person do the same. They are ways of making an honest connection with another person.

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The first session is free so you're not committing yourself until you're sure this training is relevant for you. You will also learn something practical you can use right away that'll help you handle a difficult situation more successfully at work.

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