We love helping you communicate successfully

Refine your communication skills by learning to harness your emotional intelligence with one of the UK's most acclaimed management training courses.

Learn communication skills based on emotional intelligence, that will transform even your most challenging relationships and difficult conversations.

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For more than 40 years we've specialised in a highly acclaimed leadership training course for managers called "Skills with People".

The two crucial skills at the heart of this approach are;-

These will enhance your emotional intelligence, the key to communicating successfully when people are under pressure, and they will significantly increase your success at work.

What will you get out of this course?

If your success depends on how you communicate - you’ll be better and more confident at speaking clearly, firmly and with integrity, even when under pressure, and at treating others, even those you find difficult, with respect and understanding.

How is training arranged?

It's a 3-day London UK based training course in a small group (online or face-to-face), plus six hours of private and confidential coaching sessions by video call.  The whole programme is typically spread over 6 months.

Online video coaching

Since the worldwide coronavirus pandemic all our training can now be delivered online with video calls (Teams, Skype or Zoom).  This means you don't have to be in the UK to take advantage of this course.

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Free exploratory coaching session

The first session is free so you're not committing yourself until you're sure this training is relevant for you. You will also learn something practical you can use right away that'll help you handle a difficult situation more successfully at work.

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