What Makes This Special

What’s different about this course?

Why Choose This Training?

More Than Just A Course Of Lectures

What gets in the way of developing and holding on to new communication skills are old habits of thinking and speaking. Even if the advice is very good the reason why it rarely sticks are the mental habits people inevitably revert to, especially under pressure.

Unlearning those old habits and internalising a more effective and lasting approach to communication needs more than a short course of lectures on how to do it.

What Makes This Training Stand Out?

What makes this training stand out is the exceptional support through one-to-one coaching sessions and continuous feedback. Changing behaviour is not an easy task as old habits are hard to break.

With a 40-year track record we can help you cultivate practical skills, and build your confidence to so you can successfully navigate real-world challenges, ensuring lasting behavioural improvements.

Qualities and Features

The Skills with People course has a number of particular qualities and features, some of which may make it stand out from other courses in its field:-

  • The basic skills you learn on this course aren't complicated. They're simple to understand and easy to remember. And they're powerful. Once you've mastered them you'll be able to apply them to most of your most challenging conversations and relationships.
  • The clarity of the thinking behind it and the power of the skills it teaches.
  • The clear, practical focus of the training method, and the amount of practice and quality of feedback it provides.
  • The amount of one-to-one coaching provided. The reason there’s so much one-to-one coaching is that we aim not only to give you new skills  but also to help you lay aside old habits – old patterns of thought and speech, deeply ingrained through a lifetime’s practice, which can so easily undermine new skills. Laying them aside can be difficult. It means not only becoming aware of them but also unlearning  them. The one-to-one coaching is to help you make sure you don’t revert under pressure back at work.
  • The small size of the group training sessions - six participants maximum, and the fact that the first coaching session is free.
  • The likelihood of meeting people from different levels of management on the course. The skills you learn enable you to treat people with honesty and courtesy irrespective of status. It's valuable for senior people to receive honest feedback about how they come across to junior people, and vice-versa.
  • The fact that the people who developed and run the course are in the same family and have been running it successfully for a very long time. When you make your initial enquiry you can discuss the course directly with one of them.
  • Our reputation and track record.

Get Started Now

Free exploratory coaching session

The first session is free so you're not committing yourself until you're sure this training is relevant for you. You will also learn something practical you can use right away that'll help you handle a difficult situation more successfully at work.

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