Testimonials From Participants

"What I love about this course is that I didn't just learn about the topic, this course is about ME.

With all the practice I'm confident I can reliably use my new skills, even when under pressure."

I wanted to let you know that I have secured a new role.  I had to go through an assessment centre and one challenge was to negotiate with a 'belligerent' employee.  Thanks to the three days I spent with you and the others (during the course) I was able to negotiate effectively during the role-player and basically nailed that part of the interview along with my competency questions.  Had I not been on your course I do not think I would have been able to handle that situation as effectively as I did and I certainly don't think I would have been offered the role.  A big thank you.

"Just thinking about last night’s conversation and it’s bringing tears to my eyes – it’s what I’ve always wanted: to be able to talk with you like that."

A lesson for life!

The power of effective communication is incredible when one masters the skills "listen with empathy" / "speak assertively".

Definitely a course to be added in the training plan.

“Skills with People” has helped me deal with conflict situations.  It has helped me to diffuse tension in meetings and convert pushback into alignment.  Particularly the coaching sessions in preparation for the training event provoked introspection.  An unexpected spin-off has been a modification of my written communication – where similar concepts can be used as practised intensely at the course.

Ten out of ten for the course for me personally. I think I would have resigned if it hadn't been for the course.

Managing to confront them but still maintain their cooperation and support. Previously I was either not confronting or confronting and ending up with the member of staff demotivated and feeling that I was 'unfair'.

I have also used the skills to stop me getting bogged down in excuses. 

I have used the skills in emails and phone calls as well as face-to-face. 

I have also re-confronted - have not given up when the situation has not been resolved the first time.

If 10 is fully met I would rate my needs being met as 9.

I feel that my relationship with other attendees has improved massively following the session.

I'd say 9/10 for what I've got from the course as I said before, not only for what I learnt, but in building bridges between those of us in the company who took part.

The most useful part of the course was learning how to convey my disappointment with a member of staff without demotivating them, without making them cry and without allowing them to get off the hook with their usual excuses.

In fact I probably got more out if it than any other course I've been on because usually you come back with the best intentions of implementing what you've learnt but with this it educates you so that it becomes part of you before the course is up.

An unbelievable experience, highly motivating training and one of the few which stays forever in your mind.

A tangible impact to your life and working environment, and a great self-awareness wake-up call.

The thing I like most is the very simple approach that I can't forget but only want to practise more and more.

It was truly an investment in my success!

I can't recommend this course enough.

It has genuinely been the most impactful course I have ever completed.

Understanding that I can be assertive whilst still being warm and friendly was a revelation.

I use the techniques Alex taught me every week.

Showing empathy in both my verbal and written communication is having a positive effect on the way people respond to me and is helping to develop better more honest relationships.

Understanding that it is ok to say how I feel and what I need has changed my communication style and my working relationships.

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