What's the course about?


It’s about your behaviour

In other words, what you say, the way you say it, and its effect on others.

But there are also many other ways of expressing the same idea. Here are some of them:-

  • finding out exactly what you’re doing that switches others on and off
  • developing your emotional intelligence
  • creating an atmosphere of mutual respect, understanding and trust
  • treating others as you like to be treated
  • making small, subtle changes to your approach that’ll significantly change the way others perceive you and respond
  • understanding others better and being better understood by them
  • getting the balance right between being pre-occupied with your own thoughts, feelings and needs, and paying attention to another’s
  • connecting better with people
  • creating a meeting of minds
  • being open-minded and helping others be open-minded too
  • being more aware of the feelings and needs that lie beneath the surface of your conversations and meetings
  • being more mindful of all the above.

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