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Streamline Communication

Discover and internalise effective communication skills, breaking free from limiting old habits.

Behavioural Transformation

Achieve lasting change with personalised coaching, boosting confidence for real-world challenges.

Emotional Mastery

Master potent emotional intelligence for tough conversations and robust relationships.

Refine your communication skills by learning to harness your emotional intelligence with one of the UK's most acclaimed management training courses.

Why Choose This Training?

More Than Just A Course Of Lectures

What gets in the way of developing and holding on to new communication skills are old habits of thinking and speaking. Even if the advice is very good the reason why it rarely sticks are the mental habits people inevitably revert to, especially under pressure.

Unlearning those old habits and internalising a more effective and lasting approach to communication needs more than a short course of lectures on how to do it.

What Makes This Training Stand Out?

What makes this training stand out is the exceptional support through one-to-one coaching sessions and continuous feedback. Changing behaviour is not an easy task as old habits are hard to break.

With a 40-year track record we can help you cultivate practical skills, and build your confidence to so you can successfully navigate real-world challenges, ensuring lasting behavioural improvements.


Join thousands of participants getting results

"What I love about this course is that I didn't just learn about the topic, this course is about ME.  I'm confident I can reliably use my new skills, even when under pressure".

5 stars

A Project Manager At A Tech Company

"A lesson for life! The power of effective communication is incredible when one masters the skills "listening with empathy" and "speaking assertively"

5 stars

A Project Quality Engineer

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Course Summary

Training Objectives

Feeling the weight of leadership on your shoulders? It's a common challenge among top-tier professionals. This training unveils the transformative power of executive coaching - a proven ally in catapulting leaders to new heights.

Dive into a treasure trove of strategies that polish those at the helm, preparing them to steer their companies forwardwith confidence. Let this training course be your launchpad to leadership excellence!

On this course we’ll show you how this strategic approach to executive coaching helps leaders improve their skills and reach goals faster by providing one-to-one guidance.

You’ll see how having an executive coach can offer fresh perspectives on challenges, keep you accountable for your actions and motivated in your role.

You can explore how our proven track record for teaching empathy and assertiveness makes us stand out, and you can be reassured you’re not committed until you’re confident we  match your style and values.

Consider getting an executive coach when stepping into a new role or facing team or organisational issues to better navigate changes.

Develop Your Emotional Intelligence

You will learn a set of powerful emotional intelligence communication techniques so that you can manage difficult conversations, handle challenging situations, build relationships and set firm boundaries.

Transferable Skills

The goal of this training is to equip you with the tools they need to build strong, lasting relationships in your professional life, although because these skills are so transferable many clients report vast improvements in their personal relationships as well.

Develop Skills

This is a skills development rather than just a theoretical programme, so the emphasis throughout will be on you taking turn after turn, practising your skills, while receiving feedback and coaching about your effect on others.

Repeated Practice and Feedback

In your coaching sessions you will be helped to practise dealing with the kinds of situation you find challenging, again and again, until you are confident you can do it successfully.

Video Analysis

We'll combine practical, hands-on experience with video replay and analysis and discussion of the principles involved to help you gain both skills and understanding. Special attention is paid to your individual training needs, so you can practise your skills in real-life situations that you have to handle at work.

Sustained Change

That's why as well as your place in a small group, this training includes a generous amount of private and confidential one-to-one coaching sessions online, spread over several months, ensuring an exceptional level of support. This will ensure the changes you make are sustained over a longer period of time and any obstacles are overcome. Choose between online training available worldwide, or in-person face-to-face courses in the UK.

Course Dates and Price

For a list of upcoming course dates (for online coaching and face-to-face training), the locations of the next 3-day public courses in the UK and pricing Click here.

Free Initial Session

This initial coaching session serves as an introduction to the "Skills with People" course, allowing you to understand the course's relevance and effectiveness for your specific needs before committing to it.

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EQ training

What is Executive Coaching?

Executive coaching is not just a buzzword; it's your secret weapon for career rocket fuel. Picture this: tailored strategies, insight from industry moguls, and that 'aha!' moment when you unlock your full leadership potential.

Definition and purpose

Executive coaching moulds top business minds into even sharper leaders. It's all about honing leadership skills for smashing success in the corporate arena. Picture this: a space where high-flyers can reach new heights, with a helping hand to unleash their full potential.

This special one on one coaching is part playground, part boot camp – but all about growth and getting results.

It's not just any old training; it's an elite club for the suit-and-tie crowd. Senior business leaders can dive deep into themselves under a coach’s guidance to lead better and boost their organisations’ fortunes.

These sessions are like personal workouts for your work brain, giving you the muscle to lift your team higher and sprint towards those organisational and professional goals faster than ever before.

Types of coaching (career, life, organisational, management, etc.)

  • Career Coaching
  • Life Coaching
  • Organisational Coaching
  • Management Coaching
  • Executive Leadership Coaching

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She now feels more confident in tackling people

Why This Particular Executive Coaching Is So Effective

Picture this: you're at the helm of a ship, vast ocean ahead and your trusty crew all eyes on you - but hang on, where's that compass pointing? Leadership coaching isn't just another corporate fad; it's like having a seasoned navigator aboard.

It takes your innate abilities cranks them up to eleven - not only keeping the ship steady but charging full steam towards uncharted success. It’s not just about sailing away from trouble spots but also catching that perfect tailwind to soar high!

Achieve goals faster

You know how sometimes things just drag on and you wish you could hit fast-forward? Well, that's where executive coaching steps in – it’s like your very own life remote control.

With a coach by your side, you're not just dreaming of reaching the top; you're building a ladder to get there, rung by rung. They've got these sharp tools and strategies that slice right through the dilly-dallying.

Imagine having someone in your corner who's all about getting you to your goals quicker than a cheetah on a treadmill. We can help you keep an eye on the prize while making sure you don't trip over your shoelaces.

We push for progress at warp speed.

Stay accountable

Hitting targets quickly is great, but keeping on track is where the real magic happens. Leaders find that executive coaching doesn't let them off the hook. Nope – it's about staying honest with yourself and others.

It means a coach will be there to make sure you're sticking to your plans. They'll ask tough questions and expect real answers.

Having someone in your corner who checks in on progress can really make a difference. Think of it like having a gym buddy, but for leadership muscles! This person reminds you of what you said you would do, nudging you back on path if ever you stray.

By being answerable to your coach one on one, and ultimately to yourself, that new role or big project seems less daunting—because now, accountability is part of your routine!

Gain a fresh perspective

Seeing things in a new way can be like finding a secret door you never knew was there. With executive coaching, it's like having someone show you where that hidden door is. Leaders often get stuck doing things the same way because it's worked before.

But what if there's a better path they're just not seeing? That’s where a coach steps in.

Coaches come with an outside view. They have no old habits or connections to your work world. This means they can spot things from miles away that might take you ages to notice up close! Sort of like someone sitting on top of a hill watching you lost in a maze – they can shout out directions because they've got the whole picture right there in front of them.

They'll point out new ideas and different ways to solve problems, pushing leaders to explore paths less travelled by their competition, sparking change that goes wider than just one person. Maybe even lighting up the entire organisation!

Make better decisions

Gaining a fresh perspective often leads you to make better choices. Imagine having someone who knows the ropes, guiding you through tough calls and complex situations. This is what an executive coach does – they're your ally in figuring out the best paths for your career and company.

Think of it like having an expert navigator for the tricky journey of business leadership.

Armed with solid advice from a seasoned coach, leaders become decision-making pros. They learn to weigh options, predict outcomes, and choose wisely. It's not just about avoiding mistakes; it's about boldly taking steps that propel both personal growth and organisational culture and business success forward.

Coaches bring knowledge of how decisions play out at the top levels, helping executives cut through noise and confusion to get right to the heart of what matters most.

Stay motivated and focused

Keeping up motivation and focus can be tough, but that's where executive coaching helps. It lights up your drive from both inside and outside, giving you that zap of energy just when you need it most.

Picture this: with a pro coach by your side, you're picking up nifty new habits and putting "me time" on the priority list. That means less yawning, more high-fiving as you smash those tricky goals.

Feeling good about where you work is a big deal too - it's the secret sauce to staying sharp and eager. You'll be all in, feeling part of something special because your company cares enough to invest in helping you grow.

Imagine how cool it'd be if every day felt like scoring the winning goal? Well, with this leadership coaching for executives, we're talking serious game-changing stuff! Let’s talk about when it's time to consider grabbing this opportunity by the horns!

Feel appreciated and showing your appreciation

Staying motivated and focused in your role is important, but feeling appreciated takes it to a whole new level. It's more than just a nice feeling – knowing others value you can push you to smash through those ceilings like nobody's business.

Executive coaching has this magic touch of making leaders feel the love.

Imagine having someone by your side, rooting for you and investing in your growth – that’s what executive coaches do. They're not just trainers; they're cheerleaders who believe in your potential.

And when leaders get this support, they pass on the good vibes, showing their teams how much they matter too! Feeling cherished as a leader? You'll spread appreciation all around, creating an unstoppable force within the workplace.

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Now by involving people he takes them with him

When to Consider Executive Coaching

Ever found yourself at a crossroads, unsure of which way to turn in your professional journey? That's precisely when executive coaching comes into play! It's the secret weapon for those game-changing moments - whether it's stepping up the ladder, untangling knotty team dynamics, or simply sharpening your leadership edge.

No need to go it alone; an executive coach is your ally in navigating these waters with finesse.

Transitioning to a new role

Moving up or shifting into a new executive role is not just about tackling fresh challenges head-on - it's like setting sail in uncharted waters. Suddenly, there's a whole new world of expectations and responsibilities to navigate.

It's exciting, but also pretty daunting! The good thing about having an executive coach is that we can be the compass you never knew you needed. We can guide you through this shift by providing valuable advice and strategies that really work.

So think of us as your personal GPS for career success!

Leaders stepping into these roles often need to change how they think. It's all about grabbing onto different perspectives and spotting shiny opportunities waiting around the corner.

With a bag full of techniques and experience, we are skilled at helping leaders see things in a light you may not have noticed before - a light that could very well put them on the fast track.

So imagine this: with an expert guiding your journey, things might just get a bit less bumpy. Wouldn't you want that?

Struggling with team or organisational issues

Leading a team isn't always smooth sailing. Sometimes, you hit rough waters with your crew or the whole organisation seems like it's in a storm. It can feel lonely at the top when things aren't going right.

Coaching comes in handy here - it’s like having a skilled co-captain by your side to help navigate through choppy seas.

Issues might pop up because of unclear communication or perhaps there's tension between team members that's causing waves. As experienced executive coaches, we have very likely seen it all before and knows how to mend those communication lines, sort out the squabbles, and get everyone rowing in sync again.

By spotting where things are going wrong early on, they steer leaders away from making small issues into monsters that could sink the ship.

Needing development in leadership skills

Handling team and organisational challenges is tough, but growing as a leader can be even trickier. It's not just about giving orders or making plans; real leadership is about connecting with people on a deeper level and helping with conflict resolution.

This means listening well, understanding others' feelings, and knowing what to say at the right time. Leadership coaching can give you these skills.

Sometimes leaders find they have gaps in their abilities. Maybe you’re great at strategy but less confident in talking with their team. Or, perhaps you need help staying cool under pressure.

That's where executive coaching can help - like a personal trainer for your leadership muscles. We can help you sharpen your communication skills, boost your emotional intelligence, and get better at solving problems with others.

Think of it this way: nobody's perfect from the start. We all can learn more and do better - that goes for people running big companies too! With some expert guidance through leadership coaching, you might just surprise yourself by how much you grow.

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Learn how to tune in to others and enable them to tune in to you

The Executive Coaching Process

Diving headfirst into the executive coaching journey, you might just be surprised (in a good way) at how this rigorous process becomes your secret weapon – transforming you from who you are today to the leader of tomorrow.

Relationship establishment

Building a strong bond forms the coaching relationship is the heart of the coaching journey. Coaches and leaders need to click, like friends but with clear goals and boundaries. This get-together is where trust grows, and honest chats happen.

Both sides agree on what they expect from each other – super important for making real progress.

Think of it like building a house; without a solid foundation, things can fall apart pretty quick. That's why coaches work hard at this stage. They ensure both are on the same page - setting out how you’ll move forward together to help you become even better at what you do!

Coaching sessions

Coaching sessions are like a gym for your leadership muscles – you get to work out problems one on one, build skills, and flex your decision-making abilities. Think of each session as a personal workout with your coach cheering you on.

You're not alone in the journey either. Your coach is right there with you, helping plot the course and navigate through tricky business waters.

During these coaching sessions, you can open up about your organisational goals and challenges. We will listen, ask sharp questions that make your mind tick, and guide you to sharpen your own solutions.

It's all about getting from 'good' to 'great', or even 'outstanding'. With regular sessions paving the way for more strategic thinking, planning and direction-setting, you can find yourself steering your teams with more confidence.

Between sessions

The time between individual coaching and sessions is just as critical as the meetings themselves. It's where all the action happens! You'll take what you've learned and put it to work in your day-to-day challenges.

Think of it like homework, but way cooler because it's about unlocking your potential. You're not alone though - your coach has your back even when you're not face-to-face. Shooting an email or a quick call can keep that support going strong.

You might catch yourself reflecting on a recent session while grabbing a coffee or during a brisk walk. This self-reflectionkeeps the growth engine running, making sure insights turn into results before you know it.

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Now he listens before jumping to conclusions

What to Look for in an Executive Coach

When you're hunting for that top-notch executive coach, think of it like swiping right on the crème de la crème of the coaching world. It's not just about finding someone who can chat about KPIs over coffee. You want that rare gem with a sparkling track record, oodles of empathy (yes, it's teachable!), and a style that fits with your own.

Training experience teaching empathy and assertiveness

Look for a coach who knows how to teach empathy and assertiveness. These skills are like two sides of the same coin. A good coach helps leaders listen well and understand other people's feelings - that's empathy.

At the same time, they show them how to speak up clearly about what they want and need without stepping on others' toes - that's being assertive.

Empathy lets you get close to your team, while assertiveness means you can speak honestly and freely without ruffling feathers. It's a magic mix that can turn a so-so boss into an amazing one! Your coach has know-how and has probably seen it all before - and can help you find that sweet spot between giving in too easily and bulldozing over everyone else.

Track record teaching this material

Beyond teaching empathy and assertiveness, you'll want a coach who's really proved their worth. A solid history of success is key the right coach. You should look at what they've done before for folks like you.

Have they helped big bosses climb higher? Maybe they've turned around whole teams?.

You can check out what past learners say, or peek at case studies that show off our wins. Good stories about how they've helped others are pure gold. They tell you we can walk the talk, because lots of people sing our praises.

Style and values

Having a great track record is one thing, but how an executive coach goes about their business really matters. Their styleshould click with you - think of it like finding a new friend who's got your back in the business world.

Some coaches are all about action and getting things done fast. Others might take it slow, helping you to reflect and dig deep into what makes you tick as a leader.

Values can't be left out either. You'll want someone who gets the importance of teamwork and growth - not just for profits, but for people too. A coach worth their salt will live by ethics of partnership and believe everyone has potential waiting to shine.

They'll push for empowerment, encouraging free thinking that aligns with the company's aims. They're kind of like your personal cheerleader - always there to help you hone those leadership chops while sticking true to what's fair and right.

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How aware are you of your effect on others?

Benefits of Executive Coaching

Benefits of Executive Coaching: Imagine activating your full potential as a leader, with a dedicated professional coach, by your side to unlock measurable growth - that's the real magic of executive coaching.

Dive deeper into how this tailored support can level up your career.

Activating growth

Coaching isn't just about fixing what's broken; it's a powerful way to spark growth. Think of it like watering a plant – regular and right guidance can turn even the smallest bud into a flourishing tree.

Executive coaching does exactly that for leaders' skills, especially in their emotional intelligence and resilience. It pushes them to stretch beyond comfortable limits, unveiling strengths they didn't know they had.

It doesn’t stop there - this sort of coaching also shines a bright light on how bosses make choices. In today’s fast world filled with AI, staying true to what’s good and right matters more than ever.

Leaders learn to steer their ships with purpose, not just chase after goals or profits. And let me tell you, when that happens? That’s when the magic starts – personal growth leads to big wins for entire organisation and everyone around them!

Having a specialised coach

specialised leadership coach really brings a lot to the table. Think of me as your personal guide on the journey to top-notch performance and leadership. They've got a toolbox full of skills just for managers like you, helping you nail down those new skills and grow even faster than you thought possible.

With support, you can focus on what they do best while picking up tips and tricks tailored to their unique challenges.

The magic lies in understanding your world inside-out. Whether it's managing stress or boosting team spirit, I am likely to have seen it before. It’s not about a one-size-fits-all solutions; it's all about crafting something that fits you perfectly, helping you lead with confidence and make an impact where it counts – in your team, across your organisation, and within yourself.

Seeing measurable results

Coaching helps bosses see real changes in their work. These changes make a big difference for everyone at the office. Think of coaching like having a gym buddy, but for your job - it keeps you sharp and going strong.

Now imagine seeing numbers go up because you got better at your job. You finish tasks quicker and smash through stuff that used to slow you down. That's coaching doing its magic – boosting how much work gets done by clearing away roadblocks.

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Learn how to be soft on the person yet tough on the issue

Common Questions About Executive Coaching

People often wonder about executive coaching before they start. They have many questions, and it's okay to ask them. Here's a list of those burning questions:

  • "How can leadership coaching from executives make me a better leader?" People are curious about how professional coaching sharpens their skills to lead teams and companies.
  • "What's the right time for executive and leadership coaching?" Many want to know the best moment to seek help from leadership coaches.
  • "Can we measure what executive coaching focuses on?" It puzzles me how performance improvements from coaching can be tracked.
  • "What results might I see from an executive coaching programme?" Prospective clients question what changes they'll notice in work or life after being coached.
  • Leaders ponder, "What happens in executive coaching services?" They're keen to know what goes on during sessions and how it works.
  • "Are there clear benefits of executive coaching?" Those considering this path love to hear about the good stuff that comes out of it.
  • "Is there proof that these coaches help support leaders?" Understandably, people look for success stories or evidence that coaching really helps senior leadership grow.
  • "Should business coaching always be part of leadership development?” Executives mull over if this is an essential ingredient for becoming top-notch in their field.
  • “Do you need a professional certified coach or just anyone?” Seeking clarity on whether qualifications matter when picking someone for guidance is important.
  • “Will my coach truly understand organisational culture?” A big concern is if their mentor will get the unique tone and challenges of their company.
  • “In what ways do coaches assist in monitoring progress?” People imagine tools or methods coaches use to keep track of growth and improvements.
  • "Who else gets involved besides me, the coach, and maybe key stakeholders?" It’s common to think about who else might play a part in this personal development journey.
  • “Will the change I go through be meaningful and long lasting?” Hopefuls dream of creating meaningful change that sticks around for good.

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Stand up for your ideas and also respect theirs


1. What's this "executive coaching" all about?

It's like having a personal trainer for your job as a boss! our Executive coaching program gives corporate leaders tips on how to be better at their work – think top-notch performance coaching that helps them nail their goals.

2. Can leaders really change with a coach telling them what to do?

With coaching interventions, you can learn new tricks. It's all about taking personal responsibility and making meaningful changes.

3. Is it just talk, or do they actually practice stuff in executive coaching sessions?

You’ll not just nattering away; these sessions are hands-on—practicing effective communication and overcoming obstacles right there on the spot!

4. Do these exec coaches help bosses fix their work-life balance too?

It’s not all spreadsheets and handshakes! Coaching helps bosses figure out self-awareness so they can juggle work and home life without dropping any balls.

5. Are we talking about short-term fixes or proper lifelong learning here?

Lifelong learning where the big cheeses learn skills that stick with them forever because nobody wants a leader who stops getting better, right?

6. What are the benefits of leadership coaching for senior leaders, and how does it differ from coaching for c-suite executives?

Leadership coaching for senior leaders provides a world-class coaching experience, delivering proven results through a rigorous process. It focuses on creating meaningful change and offering a fresh perspective, which is essential for addressing conflicts within an organisation. This program also emphasises the importance of a global network, fostering personal development and high performance among key people.

7. How can leadership coaching for c-suite executives contribute to the achievement of organisational goals, and what role does it play in developing a culture of lifelong learning?

Coaching for c-suite executives is a strategic planning approach that ensures necessary skills and effective communication. This approach supports the development of a high-performance environment, ultimately improving overall productivity and worker satisfaction. It leverages a global network of coaches, providing different perspectives and personal development opportunities.

8. Can you explain the process of selecting the right coach for senior leaders in an unregulated industry, and how does virtual delivery impact the development plan and worker satisfaction?

Selecting the right coach involves considering key people in the organisation and their specific needs. It's crucial to choose a coach with proven results who can be delivered virtually. Virtual coaching fosters self-reflection and self-awareness, contributing to the achievement of organisational goals and creating a culture of lifelong learning among business leaders.

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