Independent Testimonials

"From delegates reports we have identified Skills with People is a 'highspot' among UK business courses.

Delegates mentioned as most helpful the enhanced self-awareness which they gained.

Also the coverage of the use of empathy/assertiveness, handling tension, listening skills, speaking, understanding people's feelings, putting acros ideas and opinions, coaching skills, and the videos of role-playing sessions with the subsequent feedback from the tutor and the other delegates.

They liked the amount of practical work in the syllabus and the personalised nature of the instruction, which was made possible by the one-to-one sessions given to every delegate.

The course was thought most suitable for those who have to achieve results through others be they managers, directors, or professional specialists, and who also need to improve their personal relationships at work.

Delegate's specific comments:-

  • This isn't a course - it's an experience.
  • Enjoyed the chance to give and get feedback in an open environment.
  • The extended nature of the course meant that I wasn't afraid to fail, I could always try again.
  • The frankness with which course members dealt with each other.
  • From my point of view it gave me great insight into how I affect people."

*The National Training Index was a consumer's association publishing independant course assessments on behalf of users of UK business courses in the 1980s and 1990s. Its course reports were summaries of unsolicited and confidential feedback sent in by participants. It identified Skills with People many times during that period as a quarterly 'highspot' amoung thousands of courses in its field.

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