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Might your need to find a more effective management style be met by this training course called Skills with People?

Yes if you agree with any of the following 

  • When you’ve an important decision to make you like to discuss it with your team, but it can take ages while you wait for consensus in the team.
  • Though it’s okay to consult the team, perhaps sometimes the right thing to do as team manager is to be decisive.
  • And perhaps that’s what your team want you to do.
  • You don't find having your management style labelled is much practical help - it's too general, too abstract, and seems to imply that management style is a reflection of personality or character - something you may not be able to change.
  • If you're going to change your management style wnat you need is much more precise feedback about what specific effect you're having on others, what exactly you're saying or doing that has that effect, and, if it's not the effect you want, what specific changes in your behaviour would be likely to achieve the effect you want.

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