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Testimonials From Bosses

He now gains support through his willingness to involve people more and take them with him.

He's obviously making a positive effort and it does show. People used to be scared of him. No longer.

He is now aware of his need to control his direct approach. He was sometimes too assertive. I think he is now well balanced in this respect.

He has made excellent progress in the management of his team. He has ensured key stakeholders are involved in decision-making and has gone to great lengths to gain commitment and help from his team.

I have had three unprompted comments from different team members and colleagues who have been surprised at the consideration he has shown in helping solve problems when normally they would have expected resistance.

He is a lot more confident. At the last meeting of our business unit leaders he fully led the meeting and dealt with people very well.

To what extend do I think his training need has been satisfied? Completely. I have been approached by 4 peers to tell me that they could see a very positive change in his behaviour.

She feels more confident in tackling people and has been impressed with her new found techniques, e.g., in dealing with members of the marketing department. She feels that the course has been life-changing.

She has become increasingly aware and focussed on ensuring she is gaining cooperation from colleagues by the way she approaches situations. E.g., Meetings; previously she would wish to command and push the direction of the meeting, often showing outward signs of frustration by her language choice. Since the course she has effectively altered her behaviour to allow for more productive and less combative meetings. She can be direct but she has made significant steps to negotiate and communicate with individuals to gain more out of them in a collaborative way.

He has greatly improved his ability to manage a situation. He listens more and uses that information to convince. A good example is the .... group, where he has managed .... and the other professionals in a much more constructive manner and has achieved consensus on his ideas. Another is the way he has turned around his relationship with ....

My concern is that he may gradually go back to his old ways but this hasn't happened to date. 

He has made good progress in two areas: 1. team leadership - he listens with empathy to others well and considers their standpoint as well as his own. He rarely interrupts anyone now which is pleasing. 2. presenting his opinion in a considerate way without upsetting his listeners.

Now he actively listens, probes, asks for clarifications and does not assume anymore he knows the answer.

He is showing far more self-awareness and more restraint in potentially confrontational situations. He is far more aware of the impact his actions and behaviours have on people.


There has been a noticeable improvement in the performance of this customer service engineer. He is much more succinct now than he was before. He was highly satisfied with the course. It was very effective and his improvement is invaluable.

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