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Might you discover how to chair and take part more successfully in meetings on this London based management training course called Skills with People?

Yes if any of the the following are true for you

  • You want others to take you more seriously in meetings.
  • In the meetings you chair you'd like to know how to get people to accept new ideas and change more readily.
  • You want to be more successful at persuading people to your point of view in meetings.
  • You want to be better at changing their minds about ideas they're strongly attached to.
  • You want to cooperate better with others in problem-solving and decision-making in the meetings you're taking part in.
  • You want to know how to resolve a disagreement or conflict and negotiate a win-win agreement in meetings.

Is there more information on this website relevant to chairing and taking part in meetings?

Yes. You might also find our pages on managing change, teamwork and skills with people relevant and helpful.

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