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Might your need to be more successful at project management
be met by this London UK based training course
called Skills with People?

Yes if you agree with the following 

  • As project manager, though I'm responsible for the success of my projects I often feel I lack the authority to get people to do things, particularly if they're senior people. 
  • I wish I could just tell them what to do and they'd get on with it, but often they have different priorities. 
  • It's very frustrating when people resist what I want them to do. I try to reason with them, but far too much time and energy is taken up arguing.
  • Sometimes I win the arguments, but I wish there was a better way. 

What you'll take away from this project management training course

This project management training course will greatly enhance your powers of influence and persuasion. You'll learn how to overcome people's resistance quickly and without argument. The skills you learn will make people at all levels more ready to take you seriously and follow your lead. This will give an enormous boost to your confidence as a project manager.

Free exploratory coaching session


If so, you can have a FREE exploratory coaching session.  It'll give you a foretaste of what you can get from the course.  You make no commitment to proceed beyond this until you're sure this training is relevant to your own particular need.

How to accept this offer

Simply contact us for a preliminary chat and to arrange your free exploratory coaching session. 

What this session will do for you

In this session we'll aim to give you something practical you can use right away that'll help you handle a difficult situation more successfully at work.

Price, dates and location of our upcoming public courses

For details of our upcoming public courses see course dates

How the skills you'll practise on this course
will make you much more successful
at project management 

What's difficult about project management?

To be successful a project manager has to be able to motivate and direct people over whom he probably has no direct authority. It's not enough just to say "Do what I say because I'm project manager."  The trouble is they may have conflicting views and priorities, and if he tries to ride rough-shod over these he's unlikely to be successful. If he wants their willing cooperation and commitment he has to master the art of persuasion. That's why this project management training course focuses on helping you develop the art of persuasion.

What skills are involved in the art of persuasion?

There are just two crucial skills:

First, you need to be a very good listener, because people are influenced much more by how you listen to them than by what you tell them. As you must know from your own experience, arguing with them usually makes their resistance stronger. If, instead, you show you are trying to understand what's really bothering them the effect is quite different. This makes them much more receptive. 

Second, you need to be assertive, that is, put what you want across in a way that carries conviction and is likely to be taken seriously. Without being assertive it is hard to give kind of feedback keeps people up to the mark. You'll receive coaching and instruction on how to give effective feedback on this project management training course.

A blend of assertiveness and good listening makes it very hard for people to resist your persuasion.

Are these two skills sufficient?

These two skills alone will greatly enhance your persuasive power as a project manager. They'll enable you to handle resistance and persuade without argument, and there'll be few situations you'll be unable to handle successfully, and they'll equip you for handling people at all levels. We'll coach you in applying these skills to the most challenging kinds of situations you are encountering in your role project manager.

Is there more information on this website
relevant to project management?

Yes. You might also find our pages on feedback and criticism, persuasion and emotional intelligence relevant and useful.

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