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Might your need to improve your people management skills
be met by 
this London UK course
called Skills with People?

Yes if the following are true

  • I need clear guidance and instruction and lots of personal one-to-one coaching on how to put new people management skills into practice.
  • And I need opportunities to try my new people management skills out again and again and receive lots of feedback, initially in a safe environment.
  • And it will help me improve my people management skills if I can watch videos of myself so that I can see how I'm coming across to people.

What people management skills you'll take away from this training course

At the end of this people management skills training you'll know precisely what effect you're having on others. You have identified precisely what you are saying and doing that has these effects. You'll have experimented in a safe envirnment with changing your approach and finding out what difference this makes. You'll have explored some of your old mental habits that have held you back from being more effective with your people management skills. You'll be confident in your proven and enhanced set of people management skills.  

Free exploratory coaching session


If so, you can have a FREE exploratory coaching session.  It'll give you a foretaste of what you can get from the course.  You make no commitment to proceed beyond this until you're sure this training is relevant to your own particular need.

How to accept this offer

Simply contact us for a preliminary chat and to arrange your free exploratory coaching session. 

What this session will do for you

In this session we'll aim to give you something practical you can use right away that'll help you handle a difficult situation more successfully at work.

Price, dates and location of our upcoming public courses

For details of our upcoming public courses see course dates

How the skills you'll practise on this course
will make you much more successful
at people management 

What specific people management skills will I learn on this course?

We've tried to boil the art of people management down to its simplest basic ingredients (simple is not the same thing as easy). If I want to improve the connection between us there are two and only two things I need do. One is make sure I understand you, the other is make sure you understand me. The first is to do with how I listen, the second with how I speak

If this sounds a little too simple and obvious, what is perhaps not so simple and obvious is the quality of listening and speaking needed. It makes all the difference when the listening is done with empathy and the speaking is done assertively. These two skills produce a relaxed and safe atmosphere of mutual understanding, respect, honesty and trust – crucial for winning people’s cooperation. By using these skills I can take the initiative in improving our relationship – I do not need to wait for you to make the first move. 

The word ‘skill’ needs a caution. These are not like manual skills, such as driving a car, which once developed we can use automatically while our mind and heart are somewhere else. They require our full attention. They are skills of the heart, ways of expressing our whole self and helping another person do the same. They are ways of making an honest connection with another person. 

Is there more on the subject of employee engagement skills training on this website?

Yes. You might also find our pages on listening skills trainingassertiveness trainingemotional intelligence and examples of people who have benefited from this people management skills training relevant and helpful.

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