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Might this London UK management training course be useful for
your leadership development?

YES if you want leadership skills that'll make you more successful at 

  • using emotional intelligence to calm people down when you're handling tense situations,
  • being assertive in saying what you want, so that people know exactly what's expected of them and what their responsibility is - and speaking with authority but without being authoritarian,
  • saying no when you need to, firmly but without antagonizing people,
  • listening to people with empathy, even when people are resisting what you want, so that they feel respected and understood,
  • persuading people, overcoming their resistance, delegating to them and coaching them to do what you want them to do,
  • giving effective feedback without making people feel attacked, by being generous when praising and tough and clear when criticising.

  • Civil Service
  • Grass Valley
  • GIC
  • IGT
  • NHS