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This isn’t just a three-day course. It’s much more.

Four 90-minute private and confidential one-to-one coaching sessions by phone or Skype provide a great deal of added value. They’re spread over six months in order to allow time in between for practising new skills.

The preparatory stage has two one-to-one coaching sessions. Then there’s a three-day training course, with a maximum group size of six. The follow-up stage has four more one-to-one sessions.

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The total price is £1,950 plus VAT. This includes day-time refreshments. It does not include your evening meals or bed and breakfast costs. The course is not residential.

One-to-one sessions

The first phone or Skype session is free – and exploratory. It's to enable you to explore with us whether the course is suitable for you. For all one-to-one sessions you'll need a quiet, private room where you feel safe to explore and concentrate without distraction on what you say, the way you say it, and your effect on others.

When appropriate we involve your manager

If appropriate we speak with your manager by phone twice – first about your training need and later about your progress. But we treat in strict confidence everything you say to us and everything that takes place while you’re with us. We make no reports about you to your organisation. When we talk to your manager the purpose is not to give information about you, it's to ask what your manager would like you to get out of the course, and, later, to ask how he/she thinks your getting on with what you've been learning.

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