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What's our training objective?

You're unlikely to achieve your goals at work without cooperation from others. But people's cooperation is no accident. It depends on how you treat them.

Our training objective is to help you be more successful at winning people's cooperation

We achieve this by making you more aware of and more skilful in how you treat them. To be more specific, we’ll help you find factual answers to four very personal but practical questions:-

  1. Precisely what effect am I having on others? When am I switching them on and when am I switching them off?
  2. Precisely how am I doing this? What am I saying or doing, even unintentionally, that might be having this effect?
  3. Exactly how do I need to change my behaviour if I want a different response from people?
  4. What inner obstacle will make it hard for me to keep up my new approach? What old attitudes and old patterns of thought and behaviour do I need to unlearn and let go of if the change in my behaviour is to be genuine and lasting?

To assist you in this process you’ll have opportunities to experiment and practise, lots of specific feedback, clear and specific suggestions about what to say and how to say it, and plenty of individual coaching.

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