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Emotional Intelligence Training Course for Managers and Professionals

 Training for managers under pressure

Crucial skills for getting the best out of others

  • Discover the exact steps you need to speak with emotional intelligence (empathy and assertiveness) in a variety of situations, scenarios and relationships that matter to you the most.
  • So you can confidently & reliably create a positive, encouraging & supportive atmosphere, motivate with constructive & honest feedback, calm down difficult people, inspire enthusiasm, handle disagreements, be taken seriously, earn trust, respect & cooperation.
  • Which means you'll AVOID painful awkwardness, embarrassment, anxiety & frustration by being clumsy, blunt, offensive, discouraging or antagonising, won't jeopardise morale, get derailed by resistance & objections, or trigger defensive argument, conflict & friction.


Join thousands of participants getting results

"She has become increasingly aware and focussed on ensuring she is gaining cooperation from colleagues by the way she approaches situations. E.g., Meetings; previously she would wish to command and push the direction of the meeting, often showing outward signs of frustration by her language choice. Since the course she has effectively altered her behaviour to allow for more productive and less combative meetings. She can be direct but she has made significant steps to negotiate and communicate with individuals to gain more out of them in a collaborative way." 
- Feedback from participant's boss
(a Johnson & Johnson marketting director)

""He has greatly improved his ability to manage a situation. He listens more and uses that information to convince. A good example is the .... group, where he has managed .... and the other professionals in a much more constructive manner and has achieved consensus on his ideas. Another is the way he has turned around his relationship with .... My concern is that he may gradually go back to his old ways but this hasn't happened to date."
- Feedback from participant's boss
(a Chairman of White Clarke Group)


Ready to Get Started?

  • As a taster I'm offering a free training video covering one of the most popular training needs,
  • "How to give honest feedback without causing offence.
  • Plus:  I’ll also send you a set of case studies that will show you the typical sorts of people who have attended our training and benefited from what they learnt.

After that, if you’d like to take a deeper dive and explore how you can personally make best use of these skills, I’m offering you a FREE initial coaching session to help you assess whether this training can help you become really good at dealing with people, especially in the situations you are currently finding hardest to handle successfully.


Might this emotional intelligence (EQ) training in London be relevant for you?

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