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Being More Demanding - Management & Leadership Training

 Training for managers under pressure

Crucial skills for getting the best out of others

  • Discover the exact steps you need to speak with emotional intelligence (empathy and assertiveness) in a variety of situations, scenarios and relationships that matter to you the most.
  • Say what you REALLY want without playing it down, stop apologising for what you want, motivate people better, become more aware of some of your self-doubts and guilt that holds you back, don't let go of what you want just because somebody else resists, stop being a pushover, become uncompromisingly tough in setting high standards, but never without showing respect for others, develop your leadership skills, become good at motivating and inspiring without provoking.

  • Learn assertiveness skills that encourage and motivate without making people defensive so you can confront people safely without antagonising them so you can be demanding without being aggressive.


Join thousands of participants getting results

"Ten out of ten for the course for me personally.
I think I would have resigned if it hadn't been for the course".
- The manager of a golf club

"Managing to confront them but still maintain their cooperation and support.  Previously I was either not confronting or confronting and ending up with the member of staff demotivated and feeling that I was 'unfair'.
I have also used the skills to stop me getting bogged down in excuses.
I have used the skills in emails and phone calls as well as face-to-face.
I have also re-confronted - have not given up when the situation has not been resolved the first time.
If 10 is fully met I would rate my needs being met as 9". 
- The manager of a theatre

Ready to Get Started?

  • As a taster I'm offering a free training video covering one of the most popular training needs,
  • "How to give honest feedback without causing offence.
  • Plus:  I’ll also send you a set of case studies that will show you the typical sorts of people who have attended our training and benefited from what they learnt.

After that, if you’d like to take a deeper dive and explore how you can personally make best use of these skills, I’m offering you a FREE initial coaching session to help you assess whether this training can help you become really good at dealing with people, especially in the situations you are currently finding hardest to handle successfully.


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  • GIC
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