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How to Avoid Being Submissive - a Management Skills Training Course

 Training for managers under pressure

Crucial skills for getting the best out of others

  • Discover the exact steps you need to speak with emotional intelligence (empathy and assertiveness) in a variety of situations, scenarios and relationships that matter to you the most.
  • Be taken more seriously, be more assertive WITHOUT being aggressive, gain cooperation, no longer say 'Yes' when you want to say 'No', speak with integrity, have more confidence to speak up, stand up for yourself to difficult people without antagonising them. disagree without being negative, find the confidence about speaking your mind.
  • We'll help you find the honest words you can use, and that will help you find the courage.  We'll show you what to say, and help you practice saying it over and over until you become really good at it.



Join thousands of participants getting results

"I now find it easier to have awkward conversations".
(As a result of how he has changed several more people from his company are asking to attend the course).
- Workshop Manager, Professional Plant Services


"Ten out of ten for the course for me personally.
I think I would have resigned if it hadn't been for the course".
- The manager of a golf club

"I can't recommend this course enough.  It has genuinely been the most impactful course I have ever completed.  Understanding that I can be assertive whilst still being warm and friendly was a revelation.  I use the techniques Alex taught me every week.  Showing empathy in both my verbal and written communication is having a positive effect on the way people respond to me and is helping to develop better more honest relationships.  Understanding that it is ok to say how I feel and what I need has changed my communication style and my working relationships."
- Learning & Development Coordinator - The Entertainer

Ready to Get Started?

  • As a taster I'm offering a free training video covering one of the most popular training needs,
  • "How to give honest feedback without causing offence.
  • Plus:  I’ll also send you a set of case studies that will show you the typical sorts of people who have attended our training and benefited from what they learnt.

After that, if you’d like to take a deeper dive and explore how you can personally make best use of these skills, I’m offering you a FREE initial coaching session to help you assess whether this training can help you become really good at dealing with people, especially in the situations you are currently finding hardest to handle successfully.


  • Civil Service
  • Grass Valley
  • GIC
  • IGT
  • NHS