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We're a family training team of three

Phil and Rosemary Gould began developing their Skills with People course in the late 1970s, and have specialised in it ever since.  Alex joined in 2005.  

Alex Gould


Alex Gould has a BSc in Psychology. 
He's a psychosynthesis counsellor and an NLP master practitioner. 
Previously he worked as a salesman and ran a counselling practice.



Phil Gould



  Phil Gould has a BA in philosophy. 
A long time ago he was running a training department
in a publishing company. 


Rosemary Gould



Rosemary Gould has a MA in educational administration.
A long time ago she was a teacher specialising in dyslexia.





Skills with People is a highly personalised course of coaching and training in communication skills.  We're based near London.  We run the course regularly both in St Albans, Herts, and in Hythe, Kent.  Thousands of managers and professional people have been through our hands.

Our approach appeals to those who are not easily satisfied by standard management training courses.  Clients benefit from the precise behavioural diagnosis we offer, and they find our coaching supportive and encouraging.  The communication skills we teach have a powerful and transforming simplicity.  This course has been picked out many times as a "high spot" among UK management training courses. 

For more about why we do what we do, click our philosphy.  For information about the souces of our thinking in developing this course, click our inspiration.

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