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Why we do what we do

  • We believe nothing matters more to managers than the quality of their relationships with people. That’s why our life's work has been to create a course that helps them do this really well. (Of course the way people connect with one-another matters to everyone and not just to managers, but it's because their careers depend on it so much and they're therefore so motivated to develop new skills that we find it particularly rewarding working with managers.) 
  • We believe what works best in winning people's cooperation is a combination of honesty and generosity because these are the qualities more than any other that create an atmosphere of mutual respect, understanding and trust. That's why we focus on the skills that will help you develop these qualities. 
  • We believe the main obstacle that'll make it difficult for you to change your approach is old mental habits. That's why we take a lot of trouble to help you spot and unlearn the habits that are getting in your way.
  • We believe that though changing your approach to people isn't easy, the motivation to do it comes from the feedback you receive. That's why all the feedback you get on the course is non-judgemental, factual, and helpful in a specific and practical way. This course is not about what kind of person you are. It's not about changing your character or personality. It's about the way you behave, in other words, what you say and do and the effect you have on others. That you can change.
  • We believe the real test of training is whether you can hold on to new skills under pressure back at work. That's why we provide a large amount of practice and coaching, including coaching when you're back at work after the training.
  • It's hugely rewarding for us to see managers' confidence increase when they're able to handle challenging situations and difficult conversations more successfully. We love helping you communicate successfully.

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